The Long And Winding Road

The Beatles
The Long And Winding Road (DVD) - Front cover The Long And Winding Road (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Long And Winding Road (DVD) - Front Cover The Long And Winding Road (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 031
Release date May 2015
Total time Disc 1 - 1 hour 48 minutes 56 seconds (DVD)
Disc 2 - 1 hour 15 minutes 48 seconds (C.D.)
Comments :

                                             TMOQ Gazette - Volume 19

As far back as 1970, long before the Anthology project, an official documentary on The Beatles career had been in the pipeline.
Long time friend and Apple manager Neil Aspinall had compiled footage from various sources of concert, interview and television appearances.
From this archival footage Aspinall assembled a 90 minute feature film tentatively titled, "The Long And Winding Road" which he completed in 1971.

At this point none of the Fab Four had any involvement in the project and plans for it's release lay dormant.
Despite a reasonably finished rough cut of Neil's film, some personal and professional problems ket the project unreleased.
In the meantime some of the same footage was used by other producers in projects such as "The Compleat Beatles" (1981).
However, much additional footage remained and Aspinall reported that there was "much rarer footage" which had yet to see the light of day. This, of course, ultimately lead to the Anthology project and the multi-episode sage of The Beatles entire career.

So what exactly does the film look like and what footage does it contain ?

The version presented in this set is the "reasonably finished rough cut" that is very much a work in progress.
No titles.   No commentary.   Just a collection of clips that tell their own story.
Nothing is examined in detail, some important events are missing entirely and others passed over with a brief mention.
Having said that is is still a fascinating document with some very rare footage.
A banner on the cover proclaims that it contains unreleased video footage which I believe to be true, but since it's only in the Let It Be section the audio has already been available.

This two disc set contains one DVD and one audio C.D.
All lovingly housed in the usual HMC stiff card 24-page volume with full write-ups of the content.

The D.V.D.

In the JPGR headquarters main Samsung DVD player this disc will NOT play.
The message "Cannot Load This Disc - Please Check The Disc" is displayed and nothing will happen.

The disk does play in our second machine (a Toshiba), although there were a couple of drop-outs during play,
which may be the cause of the lack of loading in the other machine.

The DVD is split into just two titles:
     1: The Long And Winding Road
     2: Bonus Tracks

The "Time" listed below is the progressive time of each title.

Chapter Time Programme Date and Detail
The Long And Winding Road (Rough Cut)

(1 hour 41 minutes 11 seconds)
This title on the DVD is split into 10 chapters, as listed below, but they are not really logical units.
1 0:00 Intro (from Yellow Submarine film)
0:35 Some Other Guy (August 1962 at The Cavern)
2:44 Love Me Do
3:31 Interviews
2 4:30 From Me To You (cut with interviews)
6:25 She Loves You/Twist And Shout (20th Nov.1963 - Pathe News, Manchester)
3 9:27 U.S. Airport scenes as The Beatles arrive in America (Feb.1964)
10:25 Press conference at Plaza Hotel
13:35 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Ed Sullivan Show)
17:48 Back in England
4 19:00 Yesterday (Blackpool Night Out - 01/08/1965)
21:46 Shakespeare Sketch (Around The Beatles TV Special - Filmed 28/08/1964)
23:43 Medley of Songs:
      Twist And Shout
      Roll Over Beethoven
      I Wanna Be Your Man
26:40 Interview with Jimmy Nicol (June 1964)
5 28:02 A Hard Day's Night (Film clips)
30:01 Shea Stadium (August 1965)
      I Feel Fine
      Dizzy Miss Lizzie
      Act Naturally
      I'm Down
39:46 O.B.E.'s and Interviews (October 1965)
42:33 Help (Film clips)
      Another Girl
      I Need You
      You're Gonna Lose That Girl
6 45:28 Beatles bigger than Jesus - U.S. Tour 1966
Ku Klux Klan - Mid South Coliseum, Memphis
Interviews: Pre-tour at London Airport, August 1966,
Astor Towers, Chicago, Warwick Hotel, New York
7 49:49 How I Won The War
50:45 Strawberry Fields Forever (Promo film)
54:17 A Day In The Life (Promo film)
# This has drop-out for a few seconds near the start
59:06 Interview (Paul discussing drugs use - ITN 19/06/1967)
59:44 All You Need Is Love ("New" Footage)
Actually split screen with footage from India
62:06 Newsreel covering Brian's death (27/08/1967)
64:20 Hello Goodbye (Mix of Promo films - including outtakes)
67:11 Magical Mystery Tour clips:
      Blue Jay Way
      I Am The Walrus
      Your Mother Should Know
8 76:28 Apple Boutique opening footage (December 1967)
Features: The Fool, Cilla Black, Twiggy
78:00 Hey Jude (Rehearsal + cut to video)
83:20 Interviews (John and Paul talk business - Larry Kane May 1968)
85:05 Revolution (Filmed 04/09/1968)
86:03 Apple business meeting
87:10 Apple Boutique Closing (31/07/1968)
9 87:28 You Win Again (Let It Be - DDSI 8.42)
88:44 Improv with Yoko Ono
91:05 I've Got A Feeling
92:50 Get Back
94:00 Paul & Linda wedding (12/03/1969)
94:10 John & Yoko Bed-in (End of March 1969)
94:50 Interview with Ringo (Rowing)
From BBC "Line Up" - 10th December 1969
95:10 Interview with John ("3 writers in the group")
10 96:20 Something (Promo film)
99:20 The End (with Magical Mystery Tour title sequence)
- 101:11                    ----- FIN ----
Bonus Tracks

(7 minutes 45 seconds)
This title on the DVD is split into 5 chapters.
1 0:00 Rain
(Full colour, alternate footage - was silent, has added sound from alternate source)
2 1:53 Strawberry Fields Forever
(Full colour, alternate footage - was silent, has added sound from alternate source)
3 3:07 A Day In The Life
(Full colour, alternate footage - was silent, has added sound from alternate source)
4 4:30 Paperback Writer
(B&W Promo #4)
(This has about 48 seconds of the "clapperboard")
5 7:38           ----- FIN ----

The C.D.

No. Title Time
From 5th September 1962 Cavern Club 7" Acetate
1 Some Other Guy (#1) 2:10
2 Kansas City 2:42
From Granada Film (22nd August recording)
3 Some Other Guy (#2) 2:05
Early October 1962 Cavern Club Rehearsal Tape
The MasterJedi Restoration version)
4 I Saw Her Standing There 3:05
5 One After 909 (#1) 3:08
6 One After 909 (#2) 3:12
7 Catcall (#1) 1:22
8 Catcall (#2) 1:22
Swedish Radio - 24th October 1963
9 Initial Introduction (in Swedish) 0:51
10 I Saw Her Standing There 2:41
11 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:09
12 From Me To You 1:56
13 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:09
14 Money 2:50
15 Introduction to Hasse (in Swedish) 0:17
16 The Norsmen Rock Classic (Hasse Rosen) 0:34
17 Roll Over Beethoven 2:11
18 Between song chat (from John) 0:14
19 You Really Got A Hold On Me 2:58
20 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:06
21 She Loves You 2:22
22 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:08
23 Twist And Shout 2:41
Swedish "Drop In" TV Show - 30th October 1963
24 Introduction (in Swedish) 1:11
25 She Loves You 2:26
26 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:27
27 Twist And Shout 2:41
28 Swedish Announcer 0:07
29 I Saw Her Standing There 2:52
30 Long Tall Sally 1:29
31 Drop In Theme 0:51
Johanneshovs Isstadion Concert (Stockholm) - July 1964
This version of "All My Loving" was the first to surface in 2012 and appeared on HMC's "Auntie's Fantasy" in 2013.
In 2014, the rest of this soundboard tape was placed on the internet and that is what we have here. The full thing.
(Great to hear, but it sounds like John is unmiked)
32 I Saw Her Standing There 1:39
33 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:21
34 You Can't Do That 2:29
35 Between song chat (from John) 0:28
36 She Loves You 2:19
37 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:26
38 All My Loving 2:01
39 Roll Over Beethoven 2:17
40 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:47
41 Can't Buy Me Love 2:07
42 Between song chat (from Paul) 0:37
43 i Wanna Be Your Man 2:03
Mystery Instrumental
The music played over Ringo's trannie in Hard Day's Night
(Session musicians - including Jimmy Page)
44 Train Song 0:35
From 12" Acetate
45 Some Other Guy (#1) 2:05
From Get Back Sessions
(Full version from Nagra reel)
46 You Win Again 3:49

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