Oddities Vol. 3

John Lennon
Oddities Vol. 3 (Double CD) - Front cover Oddities Vol. 3 (Double CD) - Rear Cover
Oddities Vol. 3 (Double CD) - Front Cover Oddities Vol. 3 (Double CD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 028
Release date June 2014
Total time C.D. One - 71:57
C.D. Two - 67:47
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 16

Cheer Up !   Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out
A two c.d. set of which the first concentrates on the Walls And Bridges sessions.
The second c.d. has the continuing rehearsal session for Oh My Love.
Then I'm Losing You.
Finally John and Yoko on the David Frost Show in January 1972.

The 24 page stiff card booklet doesn't have the usual coverage of what is on the discs at all.
It includes an interview with John around the time of Walls And Bridges.
In-depth notes about the sessions for I'm Losing You and Oh My Love.
Plus features on David Peel and on The Statue Project.

C.D. One

No. Title Comments Time
Chapter One
1 Television Promo Walls And Bridges T.V. commercial.
Ringo introduces a few very brief excerpts of the new album.
At end John says, "Thanks Ringo"
Outtakes From The Walls And Bridges Sessions
2 Going Down On Love Rehearsal
A nice laid-back band run through
at end John says, "etcetera ... I think you got it"
3 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Rehearsal
As previous track, very laid-back take:
"Do the intro twice until we get in the mood"
4 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Rough Mix with sudden ending 3:29
5 Old Dirt Road Studio Rehearsal
A very laid-back light run through
6 What You Got Alternate Take 4:08
7 Bless You Studio Rehearsal
Studio chat at start in which John says,
"There are some notes I don't like, even if they are the right ones"
8 Scared Studio Rehearsal 4:53
9 Move Over Miss. L Studio Rehearsal
False start, "I don't know my own words", then a relaxed run through
10 Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox) Rehearsal 3:36
11 Beef Jerky Rehearsal 5:15
12 Beef Jerky Alternate Instrumental take 3:18
13 Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out) Rehearsal 5:14
14 Move Over Miss. L Alternate Take 2:43
15 Bless You Alternate Take 3:51
16 Beef Jerky Alternate Take 3:30
17 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Alternate Take 3:51
18 Move Over Mrs. L Rough Mix Take 3 2:37
19 #9 Dream Offline Monitor Mix 4:46

C.D. Two

No. Title Comments Time
Chapter Two
Rehearsal For The Imagine Album
1 Oh My Love Takes 7 - 12
Take 7 - John and Klaus discuss chords, then an abrupt breakdown (1:33 - 1:45)
Take 8/9 - Missing, but John asks to hear it back (so, it's complete ?)
Take 10 - John asks for the door to be shut, as the take ends abruptly (John "fluffed a bit") (2:31 - 3:43)
Take 11 - Break down during first verse (4:17 - 4:59)
Take 12 - Nearly complete, but breaks down when an engineer distracts them (7:09 - 8:29)
2 Oh My Love Takes 13 - 19
Take 13 - Breaks down in the intro (0:07 - 0:32)
John discusses the chords
Take 14 - Breaks down after first verse (1:44 - 2:42)
Take 15 - Breaks down during intro (3:01 - 3:23)
Take 16 - A very early break down (3:33 - 3:34)
Take 17 - A complete take (3:39 - 6:18)
Take 18 - John messes up the lyrics towards the end (6:34 - 8:30)
Take 19 - False start, then again falling apart during the first verse (8:46 - 9:29)
"20" is heard as the track runs out ....
John with Cheap Trick
3 I'm Losing You From the lost video - 12th August 1980
The familiar Cheap Trick backing track, but different vocal from John.
Break at 45 seconds.
At start, "I don't know whether to give you Chuck Berry or Arthur Bell"
John & Yoko with David Peel on the David Frost Show - January 1972
4 John and Yoko David Peel & The Lower East Side with J&Y perform:
The Ballad of New York City/John and Yoko
5 Attica State John and Yoko with David's Band 3:13
6 Discussion and Luck Of The Irish Frost invites some audience down to debate with John and Yoko
Which turns into a shouting match (this also has a break in it).
7 Discussion Discusses a rally at the Apollo that John will go to tomorrow,
then breaks down into another shouting match.
8 Attica State John sings first verse and chorus 0:47
9 Sisters O Sisters Yoko takes the lead to discuss her song, then sings it. 3:57
10 Yoko Talking First she says, David has tricked her as she should be talking most ! 8:48
11 John Sinclair John discusses the song, then John and David's Band perform 4:29
12 Hippy From New York City John/Yoko and David's band 4:26
Make Love Not War

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