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The Beatles
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Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No. HMC 024
Release Date September 2013
Total Time Disc 1 - 73:03
Disc 2 - 68:42
(from the sleeve)
TMOQ Gazette - Volume 12 - We Are The Eggmen ! (Who Is The Walrus ? Goo Goo Goo Joob !)
Disc 1
-- MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR - And Other Beatle Rarities --
The film music with a new clarity with the vocals pronounced even better than the remasters and new mixes of incidental music and soundtrack.
Those pieces all recorded for the film, including a stereo mix of the Bonzos contribution, have been carefully assembled together
to play as one continuous piece, like an abridged version of the film itself, only audio - not video.

Disc 2
Early takes, and special mixes of the Magical Mystery era output.

JPGR Comments :

Another nice presentation in the "TMOQ Gazette" style.
A solid card DVD-sized booklet with 24 pages of information, pictures and an interview from 27th December 1967
with David Frost that was made the day after the M.M.T. broadcast and discusses the broadcast and critical reaction.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Comments Time
Songs, Music and Spoken Segments from the Film
1 Magical Mystery Tour (2:30) - Title track featuring spoken segment,
"When a man buys a ticket ...."
At end the courier, Jolly Jimmy says welcome and introduces others.
2 Fool On The Hill (2:54) - One word heard before the song starts 3:00
3 Mellotron Music John says, "As the bus leaves town everything begins to change ... well, almost everything" 0:55
4 Flying (1:50)
Courier, "If you look to your left ladies and gentlemen the view is not very inspiring,
but, if you look to your right ...."
At end, John, "Beyond the blue horizon, far above the clouds ...."
5 I Am The Walrus (4:32) - into sound effect at end. 4:35
6 Jessie's Dream John, "Aunt Jessie's dreaming, and she's hungry ...." 3:33
7 There's No Business Like Show Business Spoken piece in heavy northern accent, then film soundtrack 1:37
8 Blue Jay Way (3:50) - Followed by fairground noises,
John, "Well, well, well, they are a happy crowd .. go on, back on the bus"
9 Singalong Medley I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Toot Toot Tootsie
The Happy Wanderer (With a knapsack on my back)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
10 Death Cab For Cutie (2:48) - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band 3:18
11 Your Mother Should Know No added speech at front or back 2:24
12 Magical Mystery Tour (Reprise) (1:06)
John at end, "And that was a Magical Mystery Tour, I told you. Goodbye."
13 Hello Goodbye Ha-la Ending 0:37
Rarities and Oddities from 1967
14 Jessie's Dream #2 Mixed from the 5.1 soundtrack, this has
the spoken dialogue removed, so is a clean mix.
15 Shirley's Wild Accordion Stereo
Shirley Evans and Reg Wale
A Lennon-McCartney original barely used in the film during Jessie's Dream
From the bonus features of the 2012 DVD box set
16 Shirley's Wild Accordion Mono
A second longer version made available via the BBC Arena website
over the unused footage from the fiah and chip shop sequence.
17 Singalong Medley #2 Various singalong sequences recorded during the making of the film, but mostly unused.
You Made Me Love You
Jessie's Blues
Swanee (includes Shirley on accordion)
Joshua Fought The Battle of Jericho (with Magic Alex on mic, sitting on Jessie's knee)
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (14th Sept.1967 during a late lunch at Atlantic Hotel, Newquay - includes house band)
18 Hello Goodbye Bob Dylan Intro from Theme Time Radio Hour 4:29
19 Interview with George "Who had the original idea for Magical Mystery Tour ?"
13th September 1967 - Miranda Ward interviews at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay
20 Interview with Ringo The day after George's interview, same interviewer, same place. 0:43
21 Magical Mystery Tour The original mono film mix (taken from VHS) 2:39
22 Our World 25th June 1967 - Satellite Broadcast
The Beatles contribution has been available for years, this longer version has never before been released in this form.
Cliff Michelmore introduction and commentary and a long finale putting everything into context.
Includes a brief and unreleased portion of All You Need Is Love before the main song.

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Comments Time
..... And There Is More:
1 Magical Mystery Tour The film version 1:33
2 Fool On The Hill Love album download version bonus track
Cellos from I Am The Walrus
Drums from Octopus's Garden
Horns and Vocal from Mother Nature's Son
Plus a Tambura drone
3 Aerial Tour Instrumental RM4 from Acetate with complete ending 2:03
4 Blue Jay Way Take 3 - Stereo mix 3:54
5 Your Mother Should Know Take 1 2:26
6 I Am The Walrus A remix using 5.1 sound channels and clean King Lear broadcast 4:08
7 Hello Goodbye Take 1 - New best sounding source 5:04
8 Penny Lane Take 9 - Stereo mix 3:02
9 Baby You're A Rich Man Stereo mix 1:57
10 All You Need Is Love Take 58 RM11 - with extra line of vocal and abrubt ending 4:15
11 Strawberry Fields Forever Left and right channels from different monitor mixes of the same take,
Carefully edited together to create a stereo field
12 Hello Goodbye String overdubs removed
From Uncovered !
13 I Am The Walrus The track starts with over a minute of studio chat and
then launches into a version with a lot of the overdubs mixed out.
Again originally on Uncovered !
14 I Am The Walrus Take 7 - in ambient stereo 2:07
15 I Am The Walrus Takes 8 & 9 - in ambient stereo 5:44
16 BBC Beatles Story Pt.9 on Magical Mystery Tour 1973 BBC Radio Special 10:42
17 I Am The Walrus Take 17 RM10/RM22
The longest complete version.

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