Oddities Vol. 2

John Lennon
Oddities Vol. 2 (Double CD) - Front cover Oddities Vol. 2 (Double CD) - Rear Cover
Oddities Vol. 2 (Double CD) - Front Cover Oddities Vol. 2 (Double CD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 023
Release date January 2014
Total time C.D. One - 69:01
C.D. Two - 76:42
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 11

Let's Take A Chance And Fly Away Somewhere Alone

More-or-less a disc of Double Fantasy studio outtakes, plus a disc of Double Fantasy home demos.
As usual on these HMC releases there is some new unheard pieces, but also a lot that has been heard before on
bootleg, on Lost Lennon Tapes and even on official issues. Some extended outtakes, some edited, some in mono, some stereo.
Either way there is enough to make this an essential purchase if one is trying to complete one's collection.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a couple of pages summarizing John in 1980.
Highlights from an interview with Rolling Stone on 5th December 1980
An article called "Eight Days In The Studio" by Steve Marcantonio, and a section of "Double Fantasy" songfacts.
Plus the usual excellent HMC layout with good pictures, adverts and asides.

C.D. One

No. Title Comments Time
Chapter One
1 I'm Losing You Mono
The band warm-up with a brief "She's A Woman" segment.
Then a short abruptly breaking "I'm Losing You" followed by
John, "Should we do it like Chuck Berry or Arthur Bell ?"
Then a complete Cheap Trick backed version as heard on Anthology, but this is a different mix.
(note: a longer version is on Oddities Vol. 3)
2 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess Take 1 (mono) - a breakdown
At end, "If I try to get the rhythm good I can't sing it"
3 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess Take 3 - Extended version of the released take
(It's only 2:27 on Milk And Honey)
At start, "Are we in two different keys ?"
at end, "It almost had my foot tapping"
4 Watching The Wheels Composing session tape, very raw, piano and drum with John's vocal way upfront.
This piece also includes the Walrus outtake as heard on the very next track, but the pieces around it are different !?
At start John says, "un, deux, schweinhund"
After 3 1/2 minutes he says, "Yeah, it's getting there, it's still a bit hard and you're a bit frantic. Just relax a little.
We only wait when we get to the chorus"

They briefly mention Strawberry Fields (The "Walrus" bit is 4:30 in)
5 I Am The Walrus - Watching The Wheels Rehearsal take preceded by the brief "I Am The Walrus" heard above.
At end John says, "We'd like to change the tempo now and do a little foxtrot for Mrs. Higgins of Durban, Australia"
6 Stepping Out A rehearsal take in progress, "Begin the begin" 1:30
7 Stepping Out Take 2
An edited version was on Anthology
At end, "ok, He stepped out. Someone keeps playing F minor on the D"
8 I Don't Wanna Face It Mono outtake - longer unedited version 3:05
9 Borrowed Time Unreleased early take
At start, "Just give us two bars and we'll come in on the When I Was Younger"
10 Borrowed Time This take appeared shortened on A Heart Play 4:00
11 Woman Early take as appeared on Bag's LLT Vol.7 3:15
12 (Just Like) Starting Over Brief acoustic intro of Gone From This Place, brief Starting Over,
Then John calls for a beer, "Another beer for me too please, while I'm working"
Then John does parts of Starting Over to and for the band
13 (Just Like) Starting Over Complete rough mix before backing vocals added.
At end, "Oh, I love it, let's hear it again"
14 Nobody Told Me Rough mix 3:16
15 Clean Up Time Early version
John starts with a faux French sequence before a funky version starts
16 Woman John, "I love double-tracking ....."
"Woman, I know your underpants"
"I still feel I'm in the Beatles with this track ... inhale deeply and turn it into Girl".

A remixed version of that heard on A Heart Play
17 I'm Stepping Out Take 1 5:00
18 Dear Yoko Starts with 30 seconds of John reciting lyrics in a posh voice, then
At start, "Remember the intro, I'll get in somewhere as long as you leave a hole ..."
19 Watching The Wheels Alternate version, the vocal is way back like a guide vocal
(There is a jump or dropout at 2:35 and again at 2:56)

C.D. Two

No. Title Comments Time
Chapter Two
1 (Just Like) Starting Over   This is a "My Life" early version 2:34
2 (Just Like) Starting Over Another "My Life" early version as released on Anthology 2:36
3 Borrowed Time The "Welcome to Bermuda" version 4:51
4 I Don't Wanna Face It "Take 2" - rhythm box demo 3:06
5 Real Life Piano demo 2:18
6 I'm Stepping Out Acoustic and rhythm box demo - "4" 4:59
7 I'm Stepping Out Take 1
At start, "we can't hear what we are doing, we've got electric guitars even" (John's jewish voice)
8 Woman Acoustic and Rhythm box demo 3:21
9 Woman "Take 10" - double-tracked acoustic and rhythm box demo 3:19
10 Woman Another double-tracked rhythm box demo 3:44
11 Serve Yourself "I've got a story to tell" piano demo
At end, "Too loud"
12 Serve Yourself Profanity-laden heavily scouse acoustic demo 4:01
13 Tennesee Tennesee Take 4 - Piano and rhythm box version 2:32
14 America America Also Tennesee Tennesee, but an overlong version .... 6:01
15 Watching The Wheels Home piano demo - "Take ... 1" 3:40
16 Watching The Wheels "Side 2 Take 1 of the second batch of I'm Crazy"
Piano demo and tinkering with the song
17 Watching The Wheels Home piano demo
(Yoko and John talking at the start)
18 I'm Losing You Home acoustic and rhythm box demo 3:05
19 Serve Yourself Piano run through
"All you phallic worshippers out there on good old planet earth ... "

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