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Label HMC (His Masters Choice)
Catalogue No. HMC 008
Country Of Origin   Japan
Release Date 2009
Total Time C.D. 1 - 67:47
C.D. 2 - 77:15
Comments: All of these demos have been around the bootleg circuit and on legitimate release (Lost lennon Tapes or Anthology) but here they are in dramatically better sound quality.
The guitar plucks are crystal clear and John’s voice has living room presence.

All the songs featured are from demos Lennon was preparing for his comeback album, “Double Fantasy”.
In Yoko Ono’s authorized “The John Lennon Anthology”, some are featured on disc 4 (“Dakota”).

Divided onto two discs, one of guitar demos, the other of piano demos, Lennon plays by himself on what sounds like an unplugged private session that the listener is secretly invited to listen to.

The quality of the presentation of this set is stunning. Thick solid hardback cover contains thick quality card 20 page booklet in book form, with nice artwork, informative script and the two c.d.'s housed in plastic built-in sleeves within each cover.
I've never seen a set of this quality from official sources. Why not ??

C.D. 1 - Guitar Demos

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Watching The Wheels Excellent acoustic demo 3:05
2 Knocking On Dylan's Door "Lord, take this make up off of me"
John's Dylan parody starting with a base of Knocking On Heaven's Door
3 It Sounds Like A Ballad To Me John mimicing a line by Chester from Gunsmoke, "Well, thank you Mr. Dillon"
John continues a Dylan Parody reading from a newspaper.
Includes this side-swipe (?) ....
"Sometimes I wish I was George Harrison and knew all the answers"
4 More Satire "Just a minute, I just get my yamash"
Then "They say the best things in life are free"
5 Lebenstraum John has the television on in the background and he sings,
In pidgin German, "I Can't Help It", then gets into a Hitler sounding rant.
6 French Song The television is still on in the background,
John is now meandering in pidgin French, "Je suis un lazy buggger".
Then parodies Beyond The Sea (La Mer) in his mock french
7 Serve Yourself Harsh acoustic and a heavy Liverpudlian accent.
Halfway through, stops the music and rants in an even heavier accent.
Which has some very amusing moments !
8 She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain Typing in the background as John sings this slowly. 1:00
9 Dear Yoko Double-tracked acoustic demo. 3:35
10 I'm Stepping Out At end, John says, "Something, something" 2:57
11 I Don't Wanna Face It Double-tracked acoustic demo. 2:05
12 Borrowed Time At start John says, "Ready for a little reggae, I think. Yes, ok then, let's go,"
"Welcome to Bermuda"
13 Beautiful Boy At start John says, "Yes, let's go"
Almost the same as above, so, same time ?
At end, John says, "Good morning Sean, I'm sorry you've got a cold, be better soon, mummy's coming today"
14 Grow Old With Me At start, John says, "Hold it" ... "And the next day" 3:05
15 Starting Over At start, John says, "Hey, it says pause."
"My Life, Take 3" "Where's the mike, oh there it is"
16 Woman At start, John says, "Take 3"
Acoustic and drum machine version.
17 Say It Again, You Are Here   3:39
18 Nobody Told Me At start, John says, "Take 2", gives a heavy sigh then counts in
Acoustic and drum machine version
19 Nobody Told Me At start, John says, "This one's gotta be for Ringo" then starts up the Take 2 take above and double-tracks over it. 3:54
20 Nobody Told Me At start, John says, "This one's probably for Mr. Richard Starkey, late of the Beatles", then ...
Double-tracks again over the Take 2 take above.
21 I'm Losing You "2" 3:05
22 I Ain't Got Time Sounds like a T.Rex style acoustic backing,
Mostly instrumental, only words are that title repeated.

C.D. 2 - Piano Demos

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Grow Old With Me   3:05
2 Help Me To Myself At start, John says, "What's a matter with this thing, it is sticking on my feet here, that's why we are having these interruptions. Very bad." 2:34
3 I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone   2:50
4 Now And Then   4:59
5 Cleanup Time Long continuous run around the themes of the song. 9:04
6 Watching The Wheels At start, John says, "ok, testing testing ... er, let's see"
Long continuous session at the piano, going round the song three times.
7 Serve Yourself   3:26
8 Memories/Cathy's Clown Memory/Howling At The Moon - Early incarnation of "Tennessee".
Sounds like a pause at 4:31, then 1:15 of Cathy's Clown
9 Real Love   4:39
10 She's A Friend Of Dorothy   3:24
11 Starting Over   4:21
12 I'm Losing You   5:58
13 I'm Stepping Out Real Love/Real Life chorus.
A whistled verse in the middle
14 Don't Be Afraid   2:43
15 Why Must We Be Alone Words that will evolve into 2 or 3 songs 2:29
16 Solitude   5:13

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