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Label Copy Cat Chronicle
Catalogue No. CCC 002
Release Date 2012
Total Time Disc 1: 77:20
Disc 2: 79:02
(from the sleeve)
An Uncle’s Wife Production
Bill Kenwright presents a two hour journey through many of the Beatles songs and interviews recorded at the BBC during the 60's.

The Beatles played on 53 different radio shows between March 1962 and June 1965, giving no less than 275 performances of 88 different songs. Remarkably 36 of those songs were never issued on record while the group was in existence.
With the exception of Lennon/McCartney's "I'll Be On My Way", these unreleased tracks were cover versions ranging from familiar rock 'n' roll numbers to some fairly obscure oddities.
Have fun !

The new release on the HMC / Copy Cat Chronicles label is “Reminiscing” – a copy of the Bill Kenwright documentary that was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on the August Bank Holiday weekend of 2009.
The programme's highlights were archive recordings, some not heard for more than 40 years. But it's pleasures were also to be found in the more ordinary moments of banter and Kenwright linked it all smoothly with an excitement ("we've only had a 30 second intro and already I'm in heaven" !) that felt genuine. He extended a hand to the listener: "You and I are going to hear some gems from the BBC archive", he promised.

We can hear 60's presenters trying to sound groovy with their quirky questions.
Brian Matthew came in for constant ribbing from the band: "their aim", he said, "was to put me down in as good-natured way as possible".
Producers spoke of barley controlled mayhem and sounded terrified, "they's come to the studio and horse about", we learned, "people getting locked in toilets, fooling about, lye on the floor." It all sounded like sweet innocent japery.

Rather than just give you the broadcast as it was HMC have remixed and produced these tracks with their ‘Ambient Stereo’ feature and also added a couple of additional tracks of their own (extra tracks highlighted in blue below - hardly "a couple of tracks" !)

JPGR Comments :
First obvious comment is that there were two one hour shows, each with a start point and end point. The obvious thing would have been to start each disc at a program start, but track 21 of disc 1 we suddenly get the second hour start, which seems odd when to give "value for money" extra tracks have been added. But, not at the end, they have been edited into the broadcast sequence and not in any logical order either, from all over the place.
But I have listened to this tracks alongside earlier issues and the sound difference here is truly amazing.
These tracks do sound excellent and the "Ambient Stereo" remastering is impressive.

By the way for those not aware, Bill Kenwright is a leading West End theatre producer and film producer.
He is also the Chairman of Everton Football Club.
Born in Liverpool in 1945, he attended Booker Avenue County Primary School, and then Liverpool Institute High School from 1957 to 1964.

C.D. One

          * The figures in the Comments column are the actual time of the musical part of the track

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Introduction From Us To You + Bill Kenwright introducing the BBC show
Then precedes the following with Alan Freeman talking to Ringo.
2 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:08
(30/03/64 - From Us To You)
Bill talks about early BBC radio, then Alan Freeman talks in 1988
Back to 1963 as Alan sets up George for the next song
3 Roll Over Beethoven 2:16
(30/03/64 - From Us To You)
Fluff (in 1988), Bill and then George Harrison talking of recording
4 Love Me Do 1:30 ...
(26/01/63 - Saturday Club)
Then Bill talks over the track(!)
Brian Matthew describes Saturday Club
5 I Saw Her Standing There 2:34
(05/10/63 - Saturday Club)
No speech, just the song
6 Happy Birthday Saturday Club 0:30
(05/10/63 - Saturday Club)
John kicks this birthday song off, "And another thing ..."
Bill then talks of "Pop Goes The Beatles"
Lee Peters (David Owen in The Dales) interviews Paul
7 P.S. I Love You 1:58
(25/06/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (4))
Lee Peters and The Beatles read request cards out
8 Twist And Shout 2:24
(25/06/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (4))
Bill talks more about Pop Goes The Beatles
Rodney Burke and Paul read requests
9 Crying, Waiting, Hoping 2:09
(06/08/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (8))
A request then read out from Ronnie Yates of Paul's old school
10 Hippy Hippy Shake 1:44
(10/09/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (13))
Bill talks about Liverpool Institute
11 Carol 2:39
(16/07/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (5))
12 Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms) 2:02
(16/07/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (5))
George, "Cathy of the Isle of Wight's request features John shouting ..."
13 Lend Me Your Comb 1:49
(16/07/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (5))
Rodney Burke mentions the boys bad hair ...
14 Clarabella 2:43
(16/07/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (5))
John reads a request for a Hemel Hempstead school
15 To Know Her Is To Love Her 2:49
(06/08/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (8))
George introduces the next song
16 Honeymoon Song 1:38
(06/08/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (8))
Bill is back discussing BBC's Beatle radio productions with two old producers
Then George mentions Jane Asher being in the studio
17 Please Don't Ever Change 2:01
(27/08/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (11))
Paul and John dedicate the next song
18 Sure To Fall 2:18
(24/09/63 - Pop Goes The Beatles (15))
Bill now discusses Bank Holiday specials
Paul reads a carefully made request from Bedstead and Tomcat
19 I'll Get You 1:55
(24/08/63 - Saturday Club)
Brian Matthews discusses how they used to poke fun of him
Then John and George read requests and say This Boy will be live and different
20 This Boy 2:19
(21/12/63 - Saturday Club)
21 Introduction/From Us To You Bill introduces a second hour of Beatles At The Beeb
Then Rolf Harris introduces a Bank Holiday Special over "From Us To You"
22 Money 2:41
(26/12/63 - From Us To You)
23 Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport 2:47
(26/12/63 - From Us To You)
Rolf gets the boys to support as he sings his classic ("Ooooh")
24 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:21
(26/12/63 - From Us To You)
Rolf signs off the show, then Bill talks of The Beatles U.S. visit
Brian Matthew has a telephone interview about the U.S. trip with John and George:
John mentions the new film to be made on their return, George talks of the U.S. hits
25 Johnny B. Goode
(Incorrectly labelled on the sleeve)
(15/02/64 - Saturday Club)
Saturday Club

C.D. Two

          * The figures in the Comments column are the actual time of the musical part of the track

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Telephone conversation from the U.S.A. 09/02/1964 - Brian Matthews talks to the lads across the Atlantic.
Interspersed with Bill's commentary.
Talk of music for the film, new radio series "Top Gear" and
Ringo says he written a song called ... "Don't Pass Me By" ... yes, in 1964 !
2 And I Love Her 2:20
(16/07/64 - Top Gear)
Top Gear producer Bernie Andrews studio chat heard at the original recording of I Feel Fine
3 I Feel Fine 2:12
(26/11/64 - Top Gear)
Bill talks of BBC Transcription Discs.
Then a Brian Matthew interview talks to the group and Spotty Muldoon
4 I'm A Loser 2:34
(26/11/64 - Top Gear)
5 Devil In Her Heart 2:20
(20/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (10))
6 I Got A Woman 2:48
(13/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (9))
"That was a crafty long quickie from The Beatles"
7 Glad All Over 1:51
(20/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (10))
8 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 2:06
(18/06/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (3))
Lee Peters introduces the song
9 Oh! My Soul 1:35
(27/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (11))
10 Slow Down 2:37
(20/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (10))
11 So How Come No One Loves Me 1:51
(23/07/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (6))
12 I Just Don't Understand 2:46
(20/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (10))
13 You Really Got A Hold On Me 2:56
(13/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (9))
14 Too Much Monkey Business 2:03
(24/06/63 - Side By Side)
15 Nothin Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) 2:59
(23/07/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (6))
16 Lonesome Tears In My Eyes 2:39
(23/07/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (6))
John introduces the track and slips into his Goons voice
17 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 2:00
(06/08/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (8))
18 Matchbox 1:57
(30/07/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (7))
An amusing Ringo introduction
19 A Taste Of Honey 1:56
(23/07/63 - Pop Go The Beatles (6))
20 Memphis, Tennessee 2:17
(29/06/63 - Saturday Club)
John reads out a letter and introduces the song
21 I Got To Find My Baby 1:54
(29/06/63 - Saturday Club)
22 Interview Bill is back after the "bonus tracks" above
13/04/1965 - Recorded on set at Twickenham for "Pop In" this is a
A rare interview with Keith Fordyce, John plugs second book as they talk on the Help! film set
"Hold that tiger"
23 Ticket To Ride 2:59
(07/06/65 - The Beatles Invite You To A Ticket To Ride - A Bank Holiday Whit Monday special)
Interview with Denny Piercey as they talk of new film, L.P. and single
24 Interview 30th August 1965 a Bank Holiday Special - "The Beatles Abroad"
Bill talks of Shea Stadium as Brian then interviews them
John talks of how he played I'm Down at Shea
25 I'm Down 1:53
Ever recorded for the BBC ? ... or is this just a faded single version
26 Derek Chinnery/Keith Fordyce
(Incorrectly labelled on the sleeve)
Bill then Derek Chinnery talk about 1966
29/08/1966 - Excerpts from The Lennon and McCartney Songbook as Keith Fordyce interviews
John and Paul in Paul's St.John's home.
A seven week old olde English sheepdog of Paul's can be heard too !
27 Paul On Kenny Everett 25/11/67 - Paul sings Kenny Everett On The Wireless Machine after playing some
Hello Goodbye chords on the piano. Then Bill signs off the end of the show.

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