Stowe School 1963

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Stowe School 1963 - Front Cover Stowe School 1963 - Rear Cover
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Stowe School 1963 - Inside Front cover Stowe School 1963 - The C.D.
Stowe School 1963 - Inside Front Cover Stowe School 1963 - The C.D.

Label * none mentioned *
Catalogue No.   B4 40463
Release Date 2023
Total Time 58:22
Comments: Live At Roxburgh Hall, Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, 4th April 1963

A significant release, even if it is very poor quality as it is the earliest actual Beatles concert that's ever appeared (at time of issue).
In early 1963 Brian Epstein honoured a commitment he'd made months before to David Moores, a Student Events Coordinator at Stowe.
Stowe was a prestigious all-boys school, plus this was very early on in The Beatles career, so there is no Beatlemania on the tape, just some occasional polite clapping.

The original tape of the recording was donated to The British Museum by the person who recorded it on a Butoba MT5 reel-to-reel.
15 year old schoolboy John Bloomfield, who was the show's stage manager, was the lad who had the presence of mind to record it.
People were allowed to hear it at the museum and it wasn't too long before someone managed to record it off of the headphones.

Although historically interesting the sound of what one assumes is air-conditioning or the heating system runs throughout.

With the boys in the audience sitting in neat rows, David Magnus (an assistant to Dezo Hoffman) took a number of photos of the event.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Time
1 Introduction 0:29
2 I Saw Her Standing There 2:35
3 Too Much Monkey Business 2:29
4 Love Me Do 2:47
5 Some Other Guy 2:45
6 Misery 2:17
7 I Just Don't Understand 2:52
8 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 3:19
9 Boys 2:47
10 Matchbox 3:28
11 From Me To You 2:25
12 Thank You Girl 2:22
13 Memphis, Tennessee 2:47
14 A Taste Of Honey 2:33
15 Twist And Shout 3:22
16 Anna (Go To Him) 3:35
17 Please Please Me 2:38
18 Hippy Hippy Shake 1:58
19 I'm Talking About You 2:43
20 Ask Me Why 2:50
21 Till There Was You 2:42
22 Money (That's What I Want) 1:01
23 I Saw Her Standing There (truncated) 1:32

Stowe School 1963

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