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Label Beeb Transcription Records
Catalogue No. BEEB 7
Country Of Origin   Made in the E.U.
Release date 2003
Total time 60:05
(from the sleeve)
This is one in a series of TEN C.D.'s bringing you the entire BBC sessions output, that The Beatles recorded between 1962 and 1965. Every effort has been made to carefully restore every single radio programme including original Beatle dialogue between the songs.
The result is this amazing 10 CD-series which brings you many of the songs in upgraded and updated sound quality. There are many treasures to be found, many great live radio versions of album tracks to be heard, which surpass the official releases, as well as many unknown cover versions.

Here are The Beatles full of energy, full of youthful brashness, ready to take over the world .... and YOU !!

My Comments :
An essential purchase, which adds some performances not included on previous "Complete" BBC box sets.
Presented in order of recording.

Each C.D. is housed in a colourful digi-pak with full transmission details. Plenty of spelling mistakes though !

All sleeve errors are corrected in the tracklistings below.
All track times are the full time of the C.D. track, including any chat or introductions.

The C.D.

Saturday Club
Recorded: 17/12/63     Broadcast: 21/12/63
At: Playhouse Theatre, London     Presented by: Brian Matthew
1 Christmas Programme Introduction 0:38
2 All My Loving (14 seconds only !) 1:14
3 This Boy 2:22
4 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:20
5 Till There Was You 2:15
6 Roll Over Beethoven 3:34
7 She Loves You 2:14
8 Beatles Crimble Muddley 0:39
From Us To You
Recorded: 18/12/63     Broadcast: 26/12/63 (Boxing Day)
At: BBC Paris Theatre, London     Presented by: Rolf Harris
9 From Us To You 1:23
10 She Loves You 2:22
11 All My Loving 2:08
12 Roll Over Beethoven 2:21
13 Till There Was You 2:35
14 Boys 1:48
15 Money (That's What I Want) 2:47
16 I Saw Her Standing There 2:39
17 Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport (with Rolf) 3:13
18 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:39
19 From Us To You 0:49
Saturday Club
Recorded: 7/01/64     Broadcast: 15/02/64
At: Playhouse Theatre, London     Presented by: Brian Matthew
20 All My Loving 1:58
21 Money (That's What I Want) 2:43
22 Hippy Hippy Shake 3:51
23 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:19
24 Roll Over Beethoven 2:49
25 Johnny B. Goode 6:10
I Wanna Be Your Man

Between tracks 7 & 8 on the cover is listed another track, "Shazam", but this was not in the original show, nor does it appear on the C.D. Shazam (Duane Eddy) was never recorded by The Beatles.
Tracks 10 & 11 on the C.D. are actually 2:42 & 1:48 with 20 seconds of track 11 being within track 10.
Tracks 25 and 26 are banded together, "I Wanna Be Your Man" actually being 2:14.

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