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ISBN Number 0-563-20128-2
Printing Year 1982 - First Edition
Original U.K. Cost 2:25

Beatles At The Beeb
     by Kevin Howlett

The Beatles At The BEEB celebrates an important anniversary in the annals of pop music: twenty years ago the Beatles entered a BBC studio for the first time. It was the beginning of a long and productive relationship between the Beatles and BBC radio. Between March 1962 and June 1965 the Beatles appeared on over fifty radio shows and progressed from a group without a record contract to a group with the world at their feet.

The Beatles At The BEEB is a unique account of the partnership between the world's greatest pop group and the BBC, and draws upon the personal reminiscences of the producers and presenters who worked with them. Printed here are extracts from some of the first ever radio interviews with the Beatles in which their inimitable sense of humour shines through.

The book is fully illustrated with many rare and previously unpublished photographs which conjure up the optimistic mood of Beatlemania and the sixties. This is also a valuable reference work which includes commentaries on the songs they performed specially for the BBC (many never released on record), a detailed date chart, a complete 1962-65 discography plus a selective bibliography.

The author, Kevin Howlett, is a Radio One producer, who wrote and co-produced the programme which inspired this book.

Review :

A unique account of the partnership between the world's greatest group, and the B.B.C.
EVERY song, along with EVERY programme it was ever included in are all identified and listed. Great Stuff.

There is now a NEW updated edition of this essential work, see Beatles at the BBC