You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen

The Beatles
You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen - CD cover You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen - Rear cover
You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen
Front Cover
You Might As Well Call Us The Quarrymen
Rear Cover

Label Beat
Catalogue No. BEAT-DVD 4
Matrix No. BEAT-088-04-YM
Country Of Origin   Made in the E.U.
Release Date 2004
Total Time 44:35
Comments: A very nice collection, collecting together all the earliest known takes of The Quarrymen.

The C.D. is housed in a digipak, with no booklet and only limited information on the rear cover.
You may also notice that the sleeve lists "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", there is no part of it on this disc.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Time
Track 1 -
Paul plays his first ever composition from 1957
1 I Lost My Little Girl 1:14
Tracks 2-16 -
"The Quarrymen at home" Rehearsals.
Paul's house, Forthlin Road, Liverpool March/April 1960.
(Upgraded sound quality from a second generation tape source)
2 I'll Follow The Sun 1:45
3 Hello Little Girl 1:51
4 I'll Always Be In Love With You 2:19
5 Wildcat 2:28
6 Some Days 1:35
7 You Must Write Everyday 2:28
8 Cayenne 2:27
9 Well Darling 3:18
10 One After 909 (Acoustic) 1:25
11 One After 909 (Electric) 2:25
12 Hallelujah, I Love Her So 2:17
13 Matchbox 0:58
14 Movin' 'n' Groovin' 2:10
15 You'll Be Mine 1:42
16 That's When Your Heartaches Begin 1:13
Tracks 17-18 -
First studio recording of The Quarrymen.
Liverpool - Summer of 1958.
17 That'll Be The Day 2:08
18 In Spite Of All The Danger 2:45
Track 19 -
Brief exerpt of The Quarrymen live.
Liverpool, 6th July 1957 - Evening performance.
The very day that John and Paul first met.
19 Putting On The Style 1:29
Tracks 20-23 -
Last ever studio recordings by two former Quarrymen, Paul and George,
Featuring their old Pal, Ringo.
George's F.P.H.O.T.S. Studio in Henley, 23rd June 1994.
20 Baby, What You Want Me To Do 1:45
21 Jamming and Rocking 1:33
22 Thinking Of Linking 1:15
23 Ain't She Sweet 0:42

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