The Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Four

John Lennon
LP cover LP back
Front Cover Back Cover
Label  Bag Records
Catalogue No. BAG 5076
Country of origin Canada 
Release date 1988
Total time

Side 1

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Revolution Remixed Version - John's Guitar, and 
Nicky Hopkin's Piano Not Audible
2 Power To The People Early Alternate Take 02:47
3 Attica State Live Stereo From The "Free John Sinclair Rally"
at Ann Arbor, Michigan on December 10th 1971
4 Luck Of The Irish as "Attica State" above 03:27
5 John Sinclair as "Attica State" above 03:31
6 I'm A Man Dakota Cassette Recording 01:54
7 'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman Dakota Cassette Recording 01:05
   8 Medley: Beyond The Sea/
Blue Moon/Young Love
Dakota Cassette Recording 04:08


Side 2

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Clean-up Time Demo 03:22
2 Good Morning, Good Morning John's Original Demo From 1967 01:01
3 Everybody's Got Something To Hide, 
Except For Me And My Monkey
Beatles Demo Version 02:55
4 Everyone Had A Hard Year John's Demo From 1968, This Song Eventually 
Incorporated Into "I've Got A Feeling"
5 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Dakota Cassette Recording 02:14
6 Serve Yourself Piano Demo with "Clean" Lyrics 05:25
7 Lord, Take This Makeup Off Of Me Bob Dylan Parody 02:20
   8 The News Of The Day (from Reuters) Bob Dylan Parody 04:25

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