Angel Baby    b/w    Be My Baby

John Lennon
Angel Baby - Front Angel Baby - Back
Angel Baby - Front Angel Baby - Back
Label Abby
Catalogue No. A8OL 739
Country of Origin England
Release Date 1982
Detail : From the bottom left of rear sleeve :
"Angel Baby" and "Be My Baby" were recorded during the sessions for the "Rock'n'Roll" album.
However they were not included on the album, and have until now remained unreleased.

"Angel Baby" was included on an unauthorized mail-order release in February 1975,
John Lennon Sings The Great Rock 'n' Roll Hits (Roots) and then of course a number of bootlegs, of which this one was my first sighting. It later appeared on the official "Menlove Avenue" album, albeit in an artificially extended version.
This version on this single runs for just over 3 minutes.

"Be My Baby" did NOT appear on Menlove Avenue, but was on the "Roots" release.
The version on this single is 4:25 long.

Angel Baby - label
Angel Baby - label

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