Let It Be... Naked

The Beatles
Let It Be... Naked - CD Cover Let It Be... Naked - CD Rear of Cover
Let It Be... Naked - CD Cover Let It Be... Naked - CD Rear
Let It Be... Naked - Vinyl Side 1 Let It Be... Naked - Vinyl Side 2
Let It Be... Naked - Vinyl Side 1 Let It Be... Naked - Vinyl Side 2
Fly On The Wall - 7inch Cover Fly On The Wall - 7inch Cover
Fly On The Wall - 7inch Cover Fly On The Wall - 7inch Cover
Let It Be - Promo Let It Be - Promo
Let It Be - Promo Front Let It Be - Promo Rear
Label Apple
Catalogue No. 595 4380 (Vinyl L.P. - Complete Package)
595 7132 (C.D.)
Release date 17th November 2003
Total time 35:04 - (35:13 was the original "Let It Be")
21:54 ("Fly On The Wall")
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :23rd November 2003
Highest Position :7
Weeks in Chart :7
Detail : Three years after "1" a new Beatles album just in time for the 2003 Christmas market.
As you all know, this is the de-Spectorised version of Let it Be that the world has been waiting for.
Although those of you who have heard any Let It Be bootlegs, or indeed have seen the movie have probably heard the original tracks in a stripped down format.

So, is it just those original takes as heard on a million bootlegs without the Spector overdubs ? .... No !
Is it Paul re-writing history and creating his own version of Let It Be ? .... again No !
This new version was mixed and produced by Paul Hicks (son of Hollies' Tony Hicks), Guy Massey and Allan Rouse. They were given the original multi-track tapes, and mixed the album from scratch making their own choices to select the best takes. In general the three producers, who were involved in The Anthology and recent Yellow Submarine projects, didn't refer to the earlier mixes and didn't try to recreate them.
They used one of the industry's current standard music-manipulation computer utilities, Pro-Tools, to clean each track of unwanted background noise and repair mistakes, like John's lyric problem in "Don't Let Me Down", by editing in sections from other takes to create entirely new master versions.
Another decision taken was to remove the evidence of the film soundtrack, the humourous asides (personally, I miss these), and the brief jams. Although, the two tracks omitted on this 2003 release, "Dig It" and "Maggie Mae" can both be heard briefly on the second disc. Finally, they re-instated "Don't Let Me Down" which should have been on the original and then chose a new running order.
Therefore this album is NOT "Let It Be as it was meant to be" as the adverts suggest. As it is not the raw, live sound as intended in the original concept. It has been re-mastered using 21st century computer tools to give it a fuller, warmer... sound of NOW.

Also included in the package is an extra disc of "Fly On The Wall" outtakes from the January 1969 sessions.

For ease of play, the C.D. would be the choice ... BUT ... any collector out there must obtain the vinyl version.
The 12" vinyl issue is SUPERB quality. The thick card cover with a wide spine, accommodates a very heavy hi-grade disc. The booklet at proper 12" size cannot be beaten. When one compares it with the booklet from the C.D. one does yet again grieve the passing of 12" productions which we were brought up on.
The "Fly On The Wall" disc is 7" vinyl in it's own picture sleeve.

On it's first week of release, "Let It Be... Naked" entered the U.K. album chart at no. 7.
For the second week it dropped to no. 23, week three to 31, week four to 41, week five to 42.

I also have a rare single-track promo C.D. for the album which can be seen above. The catalogue number is LIB 001.

Side 1

Note: For explanation of "G.B." numbers see GB and DDSI - An explanation

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Get Back Lennon-McCartney Originally ending the 1970 album, now starts it in rocking good style.
The mix is very clear, but without the pause and fade out heard before.
(G.B.no. 27.6)
Dig A Pony Lennon-McCartney The only track in the same place on the album as the original release - track 2.
For this "Naked" issue it loses the false start and the chat at the end.
(G.B.no. 30.8)
For You Blue Harrison A much brighter mix than the original with the drums further forward, and
the choppy rhythm guitar which was very prominent, moved way back.
Also the ad-libs are much clearer in the mix.
(G.B.no. 25.25)
The Long And Winding Road Lennon-McCartney The first BIG change, it isn't just the original version without the Spector overdubs, this is NOT the same take.
The 1970 release used Take 18, this is Take 19 which was that used in the film.
(G.B.no. 31.22 - take 19)
Two Of Us Lennon-McCartney Very similar to the original, but a clearer mix.
(G.B.no. 31.5)
I've Got A Feeling Lennon-McCartney Of all the tracks, this is the most stunning change from the original.
A different take (or combination of takes), with a fuller mix .... this is brilliant.
(G.B.no. ?)

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
One After 909 Lennon-McCartney Much clearer mix. For example John's "Yes I Did" reply can be heard very clearly now.
(G.B.no. 30.6)
Don't Let Me Down Lennon-McCartney Newly included on the "Naked" album.
I believe this is a combination of two rooftop versions. The gobbledegook lyrics version is the bulk of the piece, with the "offending line" edited in from the second rooftop version.
(G.B.no. 30.3 with an edit from 30.12)
I Me Mine Harrison This is not the extended version edited by Spector, it has a new edit to extend it.
But it still is very similar to the original, again a much clearer mix.
Across The Universe Lennon-McCartney None of the 1st April 1970 overdubs.
The ending is a beautiful production with John's voice fading into nothingness.
Let It Be Lennon-McCartney Original take, de-Spectorised and without the re-recorded guitar solo by George. 3:52

Fly On The Wall

Bonus Disc
Time In Detail DDSI no.
0:00 Dialogue - "Hi Ringo, Happy New Year. Hello Hare Krishna" 2.3 
0:34 Sun King/Don't Let Me Down 2.52
1:08 Dialogue - Paul : "These are making a film now"
"It's like Picasso and paints, he starts with nothing. We start with nothing and end up with a T.V. show."
1:32 One After 909 3.65
1:42 Dialogue - "Discussion about the merits of One After 909" 3.47
2:41 Because I Know You Love Me So 3.66
4:18 Dialogue - "Paul's beard, Ringo and writing "Don't Pass Me By" 3.22
5:35 Taking A Trip To Carolina 3.24
5:56 John's piano piece 8.07
6:17 Dialogue - Paul : "Ringo said we are not going abroad" 2.40
6:32 Child Of Nature 2.15
6.56 Back In The USSR 3.127
7:09 Dialogue - George : "We are not going to do any oldies" 3.128
7:22 Every Little Thing 3.128
7:34 Don't Let Me Down 2.56 & 6.62
8:35 Dialogue - Paul : "We should organise our career, so that we enjoy it again" 2.3 
9:21 All Things Must Pass 3.130
9:43 Dialogue - George : "No overdubs" 3.94
10:06 Dialogue - John : "We should concentrate on the sound" 6.42
10:30 Dialogue - Ringo : "He comes round and tells you about a football team, like the mighty Chelsea !" 7.8 
11:01 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 7.11
11:07 Dialogue - George : "You're playing that bass again, pass me the trombone" 7.12
11:36 Dialogue - John : "A documentary of us making an L.P."
           "A chance to smile a bit, like All You Need Is Love"
Paul : "Daddy's gone away now (talking about Brian Epstein) ... we either do it on our own at the holiday camp, or we go away."
13:01 Paul's piano piece 3.6
14:03 Dialogue - Paul : "We're doing a live show, Arabia, QE2 ?"
John : "We could be doing it in L.A. or France"
George : "The idea of a boat is completely insane !"
15:54 Dialogue - John : "Good afternoon, I'd like to welcome you to the Beatles rehearsal rooms and their 50 press officers"  
16:00 Get Back 10.33 & 10.37
16:30 Dialogue - John : "The Queen of Sheba wore falsies  
17:06 Two Of Us 24.40
17:27 Maggie Mae 24:41
17:51 I Fancy Me Chances With You 24.42
18:24 Dialogue - Paul : "We should trespass"  
18:42 Dig It 24.85
19:14 Dialogue - "That was can you dig it by Georgie Wood, and now we'd like to do Hark The Angels Come" 24.85
19:30 Dialogue - "Morning camera"  
19:38 Get Back 24.56
20:12 Dialogue - John mentions A Day In The Life  
20:46 Dialogue - George : "The things that have worked out best for us haven't really been planned"  
20:59 Dialogue - John : "It's not what Paul wants, it's his number"  
21:29 Dialogue - Paul : "I'd like to thank the cast of this production .... which way did John go ?"  

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