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ISBN Number 0-708-84787-0
Printing Year 1990 - Second edition
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Ticket To Ride
     by Denny Somach, Kathleen Somach and Scott Muni

In February 1964, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show - and the face of rock music was never the same again. TICKET TO RIDE is a Celebration of the impact and influence the Fab Four had on a generation - on both sides of the Atlantic. The Beatles' music shaped and reflected the feelings of youth in society, and defined the revolutionary mood of the sixties.

TICKET TO RIDE is based on the radio series of the same name, first broadcast in New York in 1985, and produced by Denny Somach. His aim was to revive memories of The Beatles and the sixties, by playing their songs, talking to some of the millions of fans and interviewing many of rock's most prestigious artists who were inspired by The Beatles.

Denny Somach's book carries on in the same tradition. In previously unpublished interviews, forty-eight major recording stars, including Phil Collins, Billy Joel and Sting describe the tremendous influence the Beatles had on them. And there are anecdotes from the Rolling Stones, Julian Lennon, Elton John - plus interviews with John, Paul, George and Ringo themselves. Illustrated with photographs that capture the spirit and excitement of the age, TICKET TO RIDE is essential reading for every fan of pop music.

Review :

Quite an interesting book, although the patronising does wear a bit thin by the end.

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