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ISBN Number 0-552-11961-X
Printing Year 1982 Second Edition (First published 1981)
Original U.K. Cost 2:50

Shout !
     by Philip Norman

Shout ! The True Story of the Beatles

One of the greatest stories in the history of popular entertainment came to a brutal end when, in December 1980, a hail of bullets ended the life of John Lennon, founder member and wayward leader of the Beatles.

In Shout!, Philip Norman recreates the Beatle phenomenon - recalling how John, Paul, George and Ringo rose to international fame and how the eventual collapse of Apple Corps reduced a billion-dollar empire to squalor, anger and suspicion.

Review :

Philip Norman's true story of The Beatles.
426 pages of un-endorsed "definitive biography". Although carefully researched, the main players never assisted the author.

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