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ISBN Number 1-858-68284-3
Printing Year 1997 - First Edition
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We All Shine On
     by Paul Du Noyer

The Stories behind every JOHN LENNON song 1970-1980

Idealist, joker, showman, activist, poet and musician, John Lennon and his songs influenced a generation. This is the only book which explores the stories and thinking behind every song he wrote after leaving The Beatles - from the idealism and inner doubt of Imagine to the love songs on Double Fantasy. Illustrated throughout, this is essential reading for everyone who has been moved by the lyrics of one of the legendary icons of pop culture.

Review :

Continues where "A Hard Day's Write" (the book which identified the source of EVERY Beatles lyric) left off ...
The stories and thinking behind every Lennon lyric. Unfortunately most of the songs are written from personal angst and don't have the richness of stories that were attached to The Beatles lyrics, so not quite as interesting as the first book from the same publishers, but worth having nonetheless.

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