Front Cover
ISBN Number 1-873-88444-3
Printing Year 1996 First Edition

Beatles At The Movies - Scenes From A Career
     by Roy Carr

The Fab Four weren't just the greatest pop band of all time - they were also movie stars !

Beatles At The Movies offers an insiders look at The Beatles on the sets of all five of their films - A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be - as well as the many films they never made and those films featuring the individual Beatles such as, How I Won The War, starring John Lennon and Magic Christian with Ringo Starr.

Award winning author Roy Carr takes readers behind the scenes, detailing the film locations, the events and the antics of John, Paul, George and Ringo. He provides information about the recordings of the songs featured in each of the films and exclusive interviews with Paul McCartney and Richard Lester, director of A Hard Day's Night, Help!, and How I Won The War

Lavishly illustrated, Beatles at the Movies is also a visual chronicle of more than 200 photographs - including over 100 that, until now, have never been published,

Review :

The sleeve notes above say it all really. I thought the pictures were so-o-o good, that I actually bought two copies of this book, so if necesary I could cut some out (although, I havent brought myself to do that yet !).
A lovely book.

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