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ISBN Number 1-857-02684-5
Printing Year 1997 Second Edition (Originally 1994)

Revolution In The Head
     by Ian MacDonald

"This book is the masterpiece The Beatles deserved" Vox

As dazzling as the decade they dominated, The Beatles almost single-handedly created pop music as we know it. Today, their songs are cited as seminal influences by stars like Oasis, Blur and Kula Shaker. Eloquently giving voice to their time, The Beatles quite simply changed the world.

This universally acclaimed book goes back to the true heart of The Beatles - their records. Fully updated to include material from The Beatles Live at the BBC and the Anthology series, along with other information that has come to light since it's original publication in 1994, Revolution in the Head chronicles the influences which bound the group to their incadescent decade, placing them, with fascinatingly precise detail, in their cultural context. The result is a revelation; nowhere is the spirit of the Sixties - its soaring optimism and drug-driven introspection - more perfectly expressed than in the Beatles' astonishing music.

Taking all the elements that blended to create each song as it was cptured on vinyl - the songwriting process, the stimuli of contemporary events and music, the evolving input of individual members, the brilliant innovations pulled off in the studio and, ultimately, the twisting grip of psychedelic drugs - The Beatles are pinpointed, record by record, against the backdrop of their vibrant times.

Drawing on a unique resource of knowledge and experience to 'read' these 241 tracks - chronologically from their first amateur efforts in 1957 to 'Real Love', their final 'reunion' recording in 1995 - Ian MacDonald has created an engrossing classic of popular criticism in which the extraordinary songs of The Beatles remain a central and continually surprising presence.

Review :

A terrific book for the music lover, where the author discusses the musical merits of every song.
Essential !

A quick word about the front cover photograph. An eerie picture, with Ringo, George and Paul,
apparently caring for a "dead" Lennon. (Spooky).

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