This One    b/w    The First Stone
12" adds, "I Wanna Cry" and "I'm In Love Again"

Paul McCartney
This One - Box Edition Cover This One - Box Edition Rear
This One - Box Edition Front Cover This One - Box Edition Rear Cover
This One - CD Cover This One - CD Rear
This One - CD Front Cover This One - CD Rear Cover
This One - 12inch Cover
This One - 12inch Cover
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6223
RX 6223
12 R 6223 (12")
CD R 6223 (CD)
Country of Origin England
Release Date 17th July 1989 (first release, see below for other formats)
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :29th July 1989
Highest Position :18
Weeks in Chart :6 Weeks
Detail : Paul's forty-second single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney".

The second single release from "Flowers In The Dirt", and another McCartney release in an annoying array of versions.
The original seven inch single and all subsequent official releases have the album version of "This One" as their A-sides. The track "The First Stone" is previously unreleased and was recorded in the summer of 1988.

Here are the released versions :
Firstly, the standard 7", with on the same day, a CD single and a 12" which added the two extra tracks as listed above.
One week later a special edition boxset single appeared, with the standard A-side, but inexplicably a new version of "The Long And Winding Road" on the B-side which had been recorded in the spring. The box also contained six picture postcards featuring pictures of the band. This box was catalogue numbered as RX 6223.
I'm afraid I can't show you scans of the inside of this box because my copy is STILL SEALED !
The bit where the box opens is sealed with a small picture of the band (a bigger version of the same picture can be seen on the rear of the CD). Opening it (I think) will tear the picture or the box. So, I have never played this 7" either !

Another week on, and another 12" appears, once again the standard two tracks, but this time adding "Good Sign" which had been recorded in the Autumn of 1988. This release is numbered 12RX 6223.

Paul recorded two videos to promote the single. The first with director Tim Pope at the end of June, and one in July with director Dean Chamberlain.
The one 'eye' have is the June version. This version starts with Paul with his eyes shut, and later in the video he has eyes painted onto the outside of his eyelids so that they look wide open. The whole theme is very Indian, and even features some Indian dancers from Southall in London. They had to get permission from their mums to stay out late to film the video !

The single was released in a picture sleeve, with the cover illustration by Sni Muk Fej, and photography by Herman Leonard.

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