Hey Baby    b/w    Lady Gaye

Ringo Starr
Hey Baby - Label Detail
Hey Baby - Label Detail
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. 2001 699
Country of Origin England
Release Date 29th November 1976
U.K. Chart Detail : Did NOT chart.
Detail : Ringo's ninth solo single.

Once again, two tracks lifted from his "Rotogravure" album. The A-side had been a hit for Bruce Channel in 1962 when it reached number 2 in the U.K. chart, but this time around failed for Ringo.

The A-side featured Lon Van Eaton, Cooker Lo Presti, Jim Keltner, and John Jarvis.

The single was not released in a picture sleeve, and had the standard Polydor label of the period.

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