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ISBN Number 0-436-28022-1
Printing Year 1997 First Edition
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Many Years From Now
     by Barry Miles

Based on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews undertaken over a period of five years by Barry Miles, and on complete access to McCartneys own archives, this is Paul McCartney in his own words.

It is a history from the inside of one of the greatest song-writing partnerships of the century. It is the private life of a man made public property - a Beatle - by the age of twenty-one. It is the trajectory of the most popular pop group in history, from beginnings to break-up. It is the story of the sixties by the man at the centre of the storm. It is music, drugs, women, money, madness, the Maharishi, art, love, peace and bitterness, from beginning to end. It is the story as never told before.

At it's centre of course, is Paul McCartney's relationship with John Lennon - as friend, collaborator, as part of "Lennon/McCartney" - two young guys from Liverpool who went on to change the world - and finally as bitter rivals in a struggle for the soul and the business control of the Beatles. McCartney recalls the genesis of every song he and Lennon wrote together and talks in fascinating detail about how they worked and who was responsible for which line, which melody.

There have been countless words written - and more than a few sung - about Paul McCartney. Many Years From Now is the book that, at last, sets the record straight.

Review :

Unread so far .... with 654 pages, I`ll read it on my next holiday !

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