This Song    b/w    Learning How To Love You

George Harrison
This Song
This Song
Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. K 16856
Country of Origin England
Release Date 19th November 1976
U.K. Chart Detail : Never Entered the U.K. Chart
Detail : George's eighth solo single and first for his own "Dark Horse" label.
This track was released simultaneously with the "Thirty Three and 1/3" album. It is definately a very pointed statement against George`s "My Sweet Lord/He`s So Fine" court case. The case, which had been going on for such a long time, had made George scared of writing anymore songs in case he was accused of "copying" again.

For the first time we see (above) the Dark Horse label, plus a "K" catalogue number as used by WEA for all its distributed companies singles.

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