Ringo Starr - Full Discography
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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CDPAS 10002CDBeaucoup Of Blues 1/05/95
PAS 10002LPBeaucoup Of Blues25/09/70
PCS 7101LPSentimental Journey27/03/70
PCS 7168LPGoodnight Vienna15/11/74
PCS 7170LPBlast from your Past12/12/75
PCTC 252LPRingo23/11/73
R 58987"It Don't Come Easy 9/04/71
R 59447"Back Off Boogaloo17/03/72
R 59927"Photograph19/10/73
R 59957"You're Sixteen 8/02/74
R 60007"Only You15/11/74
R 60047"Snookeroo21/02/75
R 60117"Oh My My 9/01/76
* NOT U.K. *LPOld Wave16/06/83
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo and His Third All-Starr Band - Volume 112/08/97
CDLIV 8CD singleLiverpool 8 7/01/08
504 9332CD/DVDPhotograph: The Very Best Of Ringo27/08/07
517 3882CDLiverpool 814/01/08
CNR Records
22 998798CDChoose Love25/07/05
YOURE 016CDRingo and George - 1980's Interviews11/03/91
EMG 12003-2CDThe Anthology ... So Far 5/02/01
CDEMS 1386CDRingo 4/03/91
CDEMS 1467CDGoodnight Vienna 12/92
CZ 353CDRingo and His All-Starr Band 8/10/90
EMS 1375LPRingo and His All-Starr Band 8/10/90
274 4209CDRingo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Live at the Greek Theatre 200827/07/10
279 1802CDRingo 201230/01/12
King Biscuit
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo and His New All-Starr Band 6/08/02
Koch Records
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo Rama25/03/03
* NOT U.K. *DVDRingo 5.1 (available here as Australian Import) 4/03/08
KOC CD 4542CDRingo & His All Starr Band Live 2006 4/08/08
KOC CD 9549CDRingo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Tour 200323/03/04
538 118-2CDVH1 Storytellers19/10/98
546 668-2CDI Wanna Be Santa Claus19/10/99
558 598-2CDVertical Man 3/08/98
Music For Pleasure
MFP 50508LPRingo27/11/80
MFP 50524LPBlast from your Past25/11/81
CDP 7 46663 2CDBlast from your Past26/05/87
CDPCS 7101CDSentimental Journey 1/05/95
2001 6947"A Dose Of Rock'n'Roll15/10/76
2001 6997"Hey Baby29/11/76
2001 7347"Drowning In The Sea Of Love16/09/77
2001 7827"Lipstick Traces 1/06/78
2001 7957"Tonight21/07/78
2302 040LPRotogravure17/09/76
2310 556LPRingo The 4th20/09/77
2310 599LPBad Boy21/04/78
Private Music
115 3927"Weight Of The World 4/05/92
262 902CDTime Takes Time22/05/92
RCA 1667"Wrack My Brain13/11/81
RCALP 6022LPStop And Smell The Roses20/11/81
* NOT U.K. *LPStarr Struck14/02/89
RCD 20264CDRingo and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 - Live From Montreux14/09/93
RINGO 1LPRingo Starr Interview 1/06/96
272 7390CDY Not12/01/10
472 3644CDPostcards From Paradise30/03/15
FAB FOUR 8CDPress Conference London 1992 1997

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