Paul McCartney - Albums
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

PAS 10003LPRam21/05/71
PAS 10007LPBand On The Run 7/12/73
PCS 7102LPMcCartney17/04/70
PCS 7142LPWild Life 7/12/71
PCTC 251LPRed Rose Speedway 4/05/73
BAK 2003LPPaul McCartney Interview 01/87
PCTC 254LPVenus and Mars30/05/75
723 3250CDOcean's Kingdom 3/10/11
BROADS 003CDPress Conferences: London and New York 7/92
LMW 281CDPress Conferences: Tokyo/Chicago 1990 12/91
E.M.I. Classics
CDC 5 56484 2CDStanding Stone29/09/97
CDC 5 56897 2CDWorking Classical 2/11/99
CDC 5 56961 2CDA Garland For Linda14/02/00
CDC 7 54642 2CDSelections from Liverpool Oratorio 10/92
PAUL 1CDLiverpool Oratorio 7/10/91
370 4242CDEcce Cor Meum [Behold My Heart]25/09/06
CD-FA 3101CDWild Life 5/10/87
CD-FA 3191CDMcCartney II 5/10/87
CD-FA 3193CDRed Rose Speedway 5/10/87
CD-FA 3213CDVenus And Mars19/10/87
CD-FA 3223CDLondon Town29/08/89
HRM 33596CDKisses On The Bottom06/02/12
HRM 34845CDNew14/10/13
723 0358CDMemory Almost Full 4/06/07
HYDRA 4 97055 1LPRushes21/09/98
HYDRA 5 28817 2CDLiverpool Sound Collage21/08/00
OOBU #5CDOobu Joobu - Ecology 1/01/97
723 18844xCDGood Evening New York City14/12/09
One Little Indian
TPLP1003CDCDElectric Arguments24/11/08
CDP 7 46018 2CDPipes of Peace29/02/84
CDP 7 46043 2CDGive my Regards to Broad Street22/10/84
CDP 7 46055 2CDBand On The Run 4/02/85
CDP 7 46056 2CDWings Greatest Hits 4/02/85
CDP 7 46057 2CDTug Of War 4/02/85
CDP 7 46611 2CDMcCartney27/04/87
CDPAS 10010CDWings At The Speed Of Sound10/07/89
CDPCSD 106CDFlowers in the Dirt 5/06/89
CDPCSDX 106CDFlowers in the Dirt (World Tour Pack)23/11/89
CDPCSD 114CDTripping the Live Fantastic (Highlights)19/11/90
CDPCSD 116CDUnplugged - The Official Bootleg20/05/91
CDPCSD 117CDChoba B CCCP30/09/91
CDPCSD 125CDOff the Ground 2/02/93
CDPCSD 145CDStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest15/11/93
CDPCSD 147CDPaul Is Live15/11/93
CDPCSD 171CDFlaming Pie 5/05/97
CDPCSP 720CDWings Over America26/05/87
CDPCST 73461CDTripping the Live Fantastic 5/11/90
CDPCTC 257CDBack To The Egg24/07/89
CDPMCOL 1CDMcCartney 4/93
CDPMCOL 3CDWild Life 4/93
CDPMCOL 4CDRed Rose Speedway 4/93
CDPMCOL 5CDBand On The Run 4/93
CDPMCOL 6CDVenus And Mars 4/93
CDPMCOL 7CDWings At The Speed Of Sound 4/93
CDPMCOL 8CDLondon Town 4/93
CDPMCOL 9CDWings Greatest 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 10CDBack To The Egg 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 11CDMcCartney II 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 12CDTug Of War 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 13CDPipes Of Peace 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 14CDGive My Regards To Broad Street 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 15CDPress To Play 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 16CDFlowers In The Dirt 7/06/93
CDPMTV 1CDAll The Best 2/11/87
CHAT 1LPThe McCartney Interview23/02/81
CZ 28CDPress to Play 1/09/86
CZ 29CDRam27/04/87
PAS 10010LPWings At The Speed of Sound 9/04/76
PAS 10012LPLondon Town31/03/78
PCSD 103LPPress to Play 1/09/86
PCSD 106LPFlowers in the Dirt 5/06/89
PCSD 125LPOff the Ground 2/02/93
PCSD 145CDStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest15/11/93
PCSD 147LPPaul Is Live15/11/93
PCSD 171LPFlaming Pie 5/05/97
PCSP 720LPWings Over America10/12/76
PCST 7346LPTripping the Live Fantastic 5/11/90
PCTC 1652301LPPipes of Peace17/10/83
PCTC 2LPGive my Regards to Broad Street22/10/84
PCTC 256LPWings Greatest 1/12/78
PCTC 257LPBack to the Egg 8/06/79
PCTC 258LPMcCartney II16/05/80
PCTC 259LPTug of War26/04/82
PMTV 1LPAll The Best 2/11/87
311 3001LPTwin Freaks14/06/05
337 9612CDChaos And Creation In The Backyard12/09/05
499 1762CDBand On The Run (25th Anniversary)22/03/99
523 2291BoxRun Devil Run (7" Boxset)25/12/99
523 3042CDRun Devil Run 4/10/99
532 8762CDWingspan 7/05/01
535 5102CDDriving Rain12/11/01
583 0052CDBack In The World17/03/03
PAUL 1LPPaul McCartney Interview 1/06/96
UNCUT 2004 07CDSomething For The Weekend14/06/04
UPPMCMOS01CDLive In Los Angeles24/01/10
BANDONTHE 1LPLondon and Rome Press Conferences22/01/90
FORNO 1LPLiverpool Press Conference14/12/90
PM 10LPRotterdam Press Conference 08/90
TUGA 4LPPress Conferences: Los Angeles and Madrid (and Detroit) 07/90

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