Paul McCartney - E.P.'s
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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GRAZE 01212"Really Love You06/06/05
HMLP 3060712"Amoeba's Secret   (U.S. Import) 13/11/07
HRM 36718-0112"Hope For The Future12/01/15
HYDRA 00712"Fluid29/10/98
HYDRA 00812"Fluid - Nitin Sawhney Remixes 1999
12 R 603912"Temporary Secretary19/09/80
12 R 605412"Ebony and Ivory29/03/82
12 R 605612"Take it away 5/07/82
12 R 606212"Say Say Say 3/10/83
12 R 608012"No More Lonely Nights24/09/84
12 R 611812"Spies Like Us18/11/85
12 R 613312"Press14/07/86
12 R 614512"Pretty Little Head27/10/86
12 R 614812"Only Love Remains 1/12/86
12 R 617012"Once Upon a Long Ago16/11/87
12 R 621312"My Brave Face 8/05/89
12 R 622312"This One31/07/89
12 R 623512"Figure of Eight13/11/89
12 R 627112"Birthday 8/10/90
12 R 627812"All My Trials26/11/90
12 R 633012"Deliverance 5/01/93
12 RS 624612"Put It There 5/02/90
12 YR 602312"Goodnight Tonight 3/04/79

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