The Beatles Discography
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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ABCD 005CDThe Conversation Disc Series (1963-1965)12/12/88
APPLES 10027"You Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased ! 12/69
CDP 7 46443 8CDWhite Album24/08/87
CDP 7 46446 2CDAbbey Road19/10/87
CDP 7 46447 2CDLet It Be19/10/87
CDP 7 48062 2CDMagical Mystery Tour21/09/87
CDR 5722CDHey Jude 2/11/92
CDR 5722CDGet Back 2/11/92
CDR 5786CDBallad Of John And Yoko 2/11/92
CDR 5814CDSomething 2/11/92
CDR 5833CDLet It Be 2/11/92
LYN 2154LPFrom Then To You18/12/70
PCS 7067/8LPThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)22/11/68
PCS 7088LPAbbey Road26/09/69
PCS 7096LPLet it Be 6/11/70
PCSP 726LPLive at the BBC30/11/94
PCSP 727LPAnthology 121/11/95
PCSP 728LPAnthology 218/03/96
PCSP 729LPAnthology 328/10/96
PMC 7067/8LPThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)22/11/68
PXS 1LPLet it Be (Box Set) 8/05/70
R 57227"Hey Jude30/08/68
R 57777"Get Back11/04/69
R 57867"Ballad Of John And Yoko30/05/69
R 58147"Something31/10/69
R 58337"Let It Be 6/03/70
R 64067"Baby It's You (E.P. ?) 6/03/95
R 64227"Free As A Bird 4/12/95
R 64257"Real Love 4/03/96
RP 57227"Hey Jude30/08/88
RP 57777"Get Back10/04/89
RP 57867"Ballad Of John And Yoko30/05/89
RP 58147"Something30/10/89
RP 58337"Let It Be 5/03/90
12 R 572212"Hey Jude30/08/88
374 9153CDx2Live at the BBC (Remastered)11/11/13
374 9169CDx2Live at the BBC Vol.2 - "On Air"11/11/13
375 8447CDx4Live at the BBC - "The Collection"11/11/13
379 8082CDLove20/11/06
475 6781Box1+ 6/11/15
521 4811LPYellow Submarine - Songtrack13/09/99
521 4812CDYellow Submarine - Songtrack13/09/99
529 9702CD113/11/00
570 5497CDLive At The Hollywood Bowl 9/09/16
574 5532BoxSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition26/05/17
595 4380LPLet It Be... Naked17/11/03
675 7195BoxThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition 9/11/18
699 4490BoxThe Beatles In Stereo09/09/09
699 4512BoxThe Beatles In Mono09/09/09
Audio Fidelity
AFS 17"Searchin'29/10/82
AFELP 1047LPSilver Beatles (The Complete)10/09/82
BAK 2108LPThe Gospel According to .... (1964-1966)31/10/88
BAK 2114LPBeatles Conquer The U.S.A.13/11/88
BAKPAK 10047"A Rare Interview With The beatles (four 7" picture discs)29/01/88
CBAK 4001CDInterview Picture Disc 6/02/88
CBAK 4009CDInterview Picture Disc Vol. 214/04/88
LINT 5004LPIntrospective26/08/91
VBAK 3004LPBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.1 7/10/89
VBAK 3006LPBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.217/11/89
BLS 5560LPLive! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1/05/77
CR 5149LPWords And Music17/05/85
CDCD 1185CDHear The Beatles Tell All 4/09/94
CRV 202LPHear The Beatles Tell All (1964)20/02/81
REVOL 4LPPress Conferences (1964-1966)11/11/91
STUD 10LPGeorge Martin Talks about The Beatles 6/08/90
BBX 1LPThe Beatles (Wooden Boxed Set)31/10/88
BC 13LPThe Beatles Collection 2/12/78
BLUE 6770CD1962-1966 (The "Blue" Album)18/10/10
BMC 13LPThe Beatles Mono Collection 10/82
BS 247"Complete Singles Collection reissued 6/03/76
CD BSC 1CDPresentation Boxset of 3" CD singles 6/11/89
RED 6266CD1962-1966 (The "Red" Album)18/10/10
875 3482CDCapitol Albums Vol.1, The15/11/04
CBR 1008LPBeatles Interviews (1964/1966)25/06/82
GP 5001LPBeatles Talk Downunder (1964) 1/05/82
H.M.V. (Record Stores)
BEA CD25CD4 CD Box Set Comprising:
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Days Night
Beatles For Sale
+ Bill Harry - "Book Of Beatle Lists"
(Ltd.Edition to 2,500 copies)
BEA CD25/2CD3 CD Box Set Comprising:
Rubber Soul
+ "Beatles Monthly No.12" - July 1964
(Ltd.Edition to 2,500 copies)
BEA CD25/3CDSgt. Pepper's Box Set
+ "It was 20 years ago today" badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/4CDThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ Extended notes about the L.P.
+ The usual colour Beatle shots
(Ltd.Edition to 7,000 copies)
BEA CD25/5CDYellow Submarine Box Set
+ A badge
+ A cardboard cut-out Yellow Submarine
+ Informative notes
+ 2 b/w photos
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 3,000 copies)
BEA CD25/6CDMagical Mystery Tour Box Set
+ "It was 20 years ago today" badge
+ A booklet
+ A colour poster
(Ltd.Edition to 8,000 copies)
BEA CD25/7CDAbbey Road Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ A poster of the Abbey Road sign
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 12,500 copies)
BEA CD25/8CDLet It Be Box Set
+ A badge
+ Colour photos
+ A booklet
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/9CDPast Masters Vol.1 Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet
+ Some b/w photos
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/10CDPast Masters Vol.2 Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet
+ Some b/w photos
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
12591CDRockumentary No.1 - The Lost Beatles Interviews 4/12/95
12592CDRockumentary No.2 - Things We Said Today 4/12/95
12676CDIn My Life 4/03/96
12677CDAll Together Now 4/03/96
12678CDBeatlemania 4/03/96
12679CDBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.1 4/03/96
12680CDBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.2 4/03/96
15968CDRockumentary - In Their Own Words (5 CD Boxset) 4/12/95
15981CDInside Interviews 4/03/96
LNL 1LPLive! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1/05/77
NB 17"Twist And Shout24/06/77
LYN 11457"Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas16/12/66
LYN 13607"Christmas Time (Is Here Again)15/12/67
LYN 1743/47"The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record20/12/68
LYN 1970/17"The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record19/12/69
LYN 4927"The Beatles Christmas Record 6/12/63
LYN 7577"Another Beatles Christmas Record18/12/64
LYN 9487"The Beatles Third Christmas Record17/12/65
MA 141285LP1960-196216/07/88
Music For Pleasure
MFP 50506LPRock 'n' Roll Music Vol.124/10/80
MFP 50507LPRock 'n' Roll Music Vol.224/10/80
MFP 4156761LPLive at the Hollywood Bowl 3/09/84
BEP 14EPBeatles E.P. Collection 7/12/81
BPM 1LPPast Masters Volumes One & Two24/10/88
CD BEP 14CDPresentation Boxset of Complete EP Collection on CD.15/06/92
CD BSCP 1CDPresentation Box set of 5" CD singles 2/11/92
CDBPM 1CDPast Masters Vol. 1 8/03/88
CDBPM 2CDPast Masters Vol. 2 8/03/88
CDGEP 8880CDThe Beatles Hits15/06/92
CDGEP 8882CDTwist and Shout15/06/92
CDGEP 8883CDThe Beatles No.115/06/92
CDGEP 8891CDAll My Loving15/06/92
CDGEP 8913CDLong Tall Sally15/06/92
CDGEP 8920CDA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film)15/06/92
CDGEP 8924CDA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the album)15/06/92
CDGEP 8931CDBeatles For Sale15/06/92
CDGEP 8938CDBeatles For Sale No.215/06/92
CDGEP 8946CDThe Beatles Million Sellers15/06/92
CDGEP 8948CDYesterday15/06/92
CDGEP 8952CDNowhere Man15/06/92
CDMAG 1CDMagical Mystery Tour15/06/92
CDP 7 46435 2CDPlease Please Me26/02/87
CDP 7 46436 2CDWith the Beatles26/02/87
CDP 7 46437 2CDA Hard Day's Night26/02/87
CDP 7 46438 2CDBeatles For Sale26/02/87
CDP 7 46439 2CDHelp !30/04/87
CDP 7 46440 2CDRubber Soul30/04/87
CDP 7 46441 2CDRevolver30/04/87
CDP 7 46442 2CDSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1/06/87
CDP 7 46445 2CDYellow Submarine24/08/87
CDR 4949CDLove Me Do 2/11/92
CDR 4983CDPlease Please Me 2/11/92
CDR 5015CDFrom Me To You 2/11/92
CDR 5055CDShe Loves You 2/11/92
CDR 5084CDI Want To Hold Your Hand 2/11/92
CDR 5114CDCan't Buy Me Love 2/11/92
CDR 5160CDA Hard Day's Night 2/11/92
CDR 5200CDI Feel Fine 2/11/92
CDR 5265CDTicket To Ride 2/11/92
CDR 5305CDHelp ! 2/11/92
CDR 5389CDDay Tripper 2/11/92
CDR 5452CDPaperback Writer 2/11/92
CDR 5493CDEleanor Rigby 2/11/92
CDR 5570CDStrawberry Fields Forever 2/11/92
CDR 5620CDAll You Need Is Love 2/11/92
CDR 5655CDHello, Goodbye 2/11/92
CDR 5675CDLady Madonna 2/11/92
CDSGE 1CDRarities15/06/92
DP 5627"If I Fell 4/12/64
EMTV 4LPLive at the Hollywood Bowl 6/05/77
GEP 8880EPThe Beatles Hits 6/09/63
GEP 8882EPTwist and Shout12/07/63
GEP 8883EPThe Beatles No.1 1/11/63
GEP 8891EPAll My Loving 7/02/64
GEP 8899EPGolden Discs 1964
GEP 8913EPLong Tall Sally19/06/64
GEP 8920EPA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Film) 4/11/64
GEP 8924EPA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Album) 6/11/64
GEP 8931EPBeatles For Sale 6/04/65
GEP 8938EPBeatles For Sale No.2 4/06/65
GEP 8946EPThe Beatles Million Sellers 6/12/65
GEP 8948EPYesterday 4/03/66
GEP 8952EPNowhere Man 8/07/66
PCS 3042LPPlease Please Me22/03/63
PCS 3045LPWith the Beatles22/11/63
PCS 3058LPA Hard Day's Night10/07/64
PCS 3062LPBeatles For Sale 4/12/64
PCS 3071LPHelp ! 6/08/65
PCS 3075LPRubber Soul 3/12/65
PCS 7009LPRevolver 5/08/66
PCS 7016LPA Collection of Beatles Oldies10/12/66
PCS 7027LPSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1/06/67
PCS 7070LPYellow Submarine17/01/69
PCS 7184LPHey Jude11/05/79
PCS 7214LPBeatles Ballads, The13/10/80
PCS 7218LPReel Music29/03/82
PCSJ 149LPHey Jude (S.A. Issue) ? /78
PCSP 717LP1962-1966 (The "Red" Album)19/04/73
PCSP 718LP1967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)19/04/73
PCSP 719LPRock 'n' Roll Music10/06/76
PCSP 721LPLove Songs19/11/77
PCSPR 717LP1962-1966 ("Red" Vinyl)30/09/78
PCSPR 718LP1967-1970 ("Blue" Vinyl)30/09/78
PCTC 255LPMagical Mystery Tour19/11/76
PCTC 260LP20 Greatest Hits18/10/82
PHO 7027LPSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (PD)16/01/79
PHO 7088LPAbbey Road (Picture Disc)16/01/79
PMC 1202LPPlease Please Me22/03/63
PMC 1206LPWith the Beatles22/11/63
PMC 1230LPA Hard Day's Night10/07/64
PMC 1240LPBeatles For Sale 4/12/64
PMC 1255LPHelp ! 6/08/65
PMC 1267LPRubber Soul 3/12/65
PMC 7009LPRevolver 5/08/66
PMC 7016LPA Collection of Beatles Oldies10/12/66
PMC 7027LPSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1/06/67
PMC 7070LPYellow Submarine17/01/69
PSLP 261LPRarities 2/12/78
R 49497"Love Me Do 5/10/62
R 49837"Please Please Me11/01/63
R 50157"From Me To You12/04/63
R 50557"She Loves You23/08/63
R 50847"I Want To Hold Your Hand29/11/63
R 51147"Can't Buy Me Love20/03/64
R 51607"Hard Day's Night10/07/64
R 52007"I Feel Fine27/11/64
R 52657"Ticket To Ride 9/04/65
R 53057"Help !23/07/65
R 53897"Day Tripper 3/12/65
R 54527"Paperback Writer10/06/66
R 54937"Eleanor Rigby 5/08/66
R 55707"Strawberry Fields Forever17/02/67
R 56207"All You Need Is Love 7/07/67
R 56557"Hello, Goodbye24/11/67
R 56757"Lady Madonna15/03/68
R 60137"Yesterday 8/03/76
R 60167"Back In The U.S.S.R.25/06/76
R 60227"Sgt.Pepper's/With A Little Help30/09/78
R 60557"Movie Medley (7 Segue'd Excerpts)24/05/82
RP 49497"Love Me Do 4/10/82
RP 49837"Please Please Me10/01/83
RP 50157"From Me To You11/04/83
RP 50557"She Loves You22/08/83
RP 50847"I Want To Hold Your Hand28/11/83
RP 51147"Can't Buy Me Love19/03/84
RP 51607"Hard Day's Night 9/07/84
RP 52007"I Feel Fine26/11/84
RP 52657"Ticket To Ride 9/04/85
RP 53057"Help !23/07/85
RP 53897"Day Tripper 2/12/85
RP 54527"Paperback Writer 9/06/86
RP 54937"Eleanor Rigby 5/08/86
RP 55707"Strawberry Fields Forever16/02/87
RP 56207"All You Need Is Love 6/07/87
RP 56557"Hello, Goodbye23/11/87
RP 56757"Lady Madonna14/03/88
SGE 1EPRarities 7/12/81
SMMT 1EPMagical Mystery Tour 8/12/67
SPSR 4017"Medley : "Rock'n'Roll Music"17/05/76
12 R 494912"Love Me Do 1/11/82
12 R 562012"All You Need Is Love 6/07/87
379 8082CDLove20/11/06
EPH 21610EPMy Bonnie12/07/63
NH 522757"Cry For A Shadow28/02/64
NH 523177"Ain't She Sweet29/05/64
NH 529067"Sweet Georgia Brown31/01/64
NH 668337"My Bonnie 5/01/62
236 201LPThe Beatles First19/06/64
2683 068LPThe Beatle Tapes (David Wigg Interviews)30/07/76
CBR 1047LPBeatles Interviews Vol.225/02/87
RVLP 1012LPDownunder Vol.112/10/87
RVLP 1013LPDownunder Vol.212/10/87
FAB 7-1EPAdelaide Press Conference (1964) 5/03/90
FAB 7-2EPVancouver Press Conference/Interviews 64 4/06/90
FAB 7-3EPSeattle Press Conference 6/08/90
FAB 7-4EPTokyo Interviews10/09/90
FAB 7-5EPDallas Press Conference29/10/90
BEAT 1CDInterview Disc 120/05/96
BEAT 2CDInterview Disc 220/05/96
BEAT 3CDInterview Disc 320/05/96
BEAT 4CDInterview Disc 420/05/96
World Records
BSC 17"The Beatles Singles Collection (26 Singles) 6/12/82
SM 701/8LPBeatles Box, The 3/11/80

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