The Beatles - Singles
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

APPLES 10027"You Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased ! 12/69
CDR 5722CDHey Jude 2/11/92
CDR 5722CDGet Back 2/11/92
CDR 5786CDBallad Of John And Yoko 2/11/92
CDR 5814CDSomething 2/11/92
CDR 5833CDLet It Be 2/11/92
R 57227"Hey Jude30/08/68
R 57777"Get Back11/04/69
R 57867"Ballad Of John And Yoko30/05/69
R 58147"Something31/10/69
R 58337"Let It Be 6/03/70
R 64067"Baby It's You (E.P. ?) 6/03/95
R 64227"Free As A Bird 4/12/95
R 64257"Real Love 4/03/96
RP 57227"Hey Jude30/08/88
RP 57227"Get Back10/04/89
RP 57867"Ballad Of John And Yoko30/05/89
RP 58147"Something30/10/89
RP 58337"Let It Be 5/03/90
Audio Fidelity
AFS 17"Searchin'29/10/82
BAKPAK 10047"A Rare Interview With The beatles (four 7" picture discs)29/01/88
E. M. I.
BS 247"Complete Singles Collection reissued 6/03/76
CD BSC 1CDComplete Singles Collection on 3" CD singles 6/11/89
NB 17"Twist And Shout24/06/77
LYN 4927"The Beatles Christmas Record 6/12/63
LYN 7577"Another Beatles Christmas Record18/12/64
LYN 9487"The Beatles Third Christmas Record17/12/65
LYN 11457"Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas16/12/66
LYN 13607"Christmas Time (Is Here Again)15/12/67
LYN 1743/47"The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record20/12/68
LYN 1970/17"The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record19/12/69
CD BSCP 1CDComplete Singles Collection on 5" CD singles. 2/11/92
CDR 4949CDLove Me Do 2/11/92
CDR 4983CDPlease Please Me 2/11/92
CDR 5015CDFrom Me To You 2/11/92
CDR 5055CDShe Loves You 2/11/92
CDR 5084CDI Want To Hold Your Hand 2/11/92
CDR 5114CDCan't Buy Me Love 2/11/92
CDR 5160CDA Hard Day's Night 2/11/92
CDR 5200CDI Feel Fine 2/11/92
CDR 5265CDTicket To Ride 2/11/92
CDR 5305CDHelp ! 2/11/92
CDR 5389CDDay Tripper 2/11/92
CDR 5452CDPaperback Writer 2/11/92
CDR 5493CDEleanor Rigby 2/11/92
CDR 5570CDStrawberry Fields Forever 2/11/92
CDR 5620CDAll You Need Is Love 2/11/92
CDR 5655CDHello, Goodbye 2/11/92
CDR 5675CDLady Madonna 2/11/92
DP 5627"If I Fell 4/12/64
R 49497"Love Me Do 5/10/62
R 49837"Please Please Me11/01/63
R 50157"From Me To You12/04/63
R 50557"She Loves You23/08/63
R 50847"I Want To Hold Your Hand29/11/63
R 51147"Can't Buy Me Love20/03/64
R 51607"Hard Day's Night10/07/64
R 52007"I Feel Fine27/11/64
R 52657"Ticket To Ride 9/04/65
R 53057"Help !23/07/65
R 53897"Day Tripper 3/12/65
R 54527"Paperback Writer10/06/66
R 54937"Eleanor Rigby 5/08/66
R 55707"Strawberry Fields Forever17/02/67
R 56207"All You Need Is Love 7/07/67
R 56557"Hello, Goodbye24/11/67
R 56757"Lady Madonna15/03/68
R 60137"Yesterday 8/03/76
R 60167"Back In The U.S.S.R.25/06/76
R 60227"Sgt.Pepper's/With A Little Help30/09/78
R 60557"Movie Medley (7 Segue'd Excerpts)24/05/82
RP 49497"Love Me Do 4/10/82
RP 49837"Please Please Me10/01/83
RP 50157"From Me To You11/04/83
RP 50557"She Loves You22/08/83
RP 50847"I Want To Hold Your Hand28/11/83
RP 51147"Can't Buy Me Love19/03/84
RP 51607"Hard Day's Night 9/07/84
RP 52007"I Feel Fine26/11/84
RP 52657"Ticket To Ride 9/04/85
RP 53057"Help !23/07/85
RP 53897"Day Tripper 2/12/85
RP 54527"Paperback Writer 9/06/86
RP 54937"Eleanor Rigby 5/08/86
RP 55707"Strawberry Fields Forever16/02/87
RP 56207"All You Need Is Love 6/07/87
RP 56557"Hello, Goodbye23/11/87
RP 56757"Lady Madonna14/03/88
SPSR 4017"Medley : "Rock'n'Roll Music"17/05/76
NH 522757"Cry For A Shadow28/02/64
NH 523177"Ain't She Sweet29/05/64
NH 529067"Sweet Georgia Brown31/01/64
NH 668337"My Bonnie 5/01/62
World Records
BSC 17"The Beatles Singles Collection (26 Singles) 6/12/82

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