The Beatles AND Solo - E.P.'s
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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R 6406EPBeatlesBaby It's You20/03/95
12 R 572212"BeatlesHey Jude30/08/88
Dark Horse
W 2696 T12"George HarrisonCheer Down27/11/89
W 7913 T12"George HarrisonThis Is Love13/06/88
W 8131 T12"George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab25/01/88
W 8178 T12"George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You12/10/87
GRAZE 01212"Paul McCartneyReally Love You06/06/05
HMLP 3060712"Paul McCartneyAmoeba's Secret   (U.S. Import) 13/11/07
HRM 36718-0112"Paul McCartneyHope For The Future12/01/15
HYDRA 00712"Paul McCartneyFluid29/10/98
HYDRA 00812"Paul McCartneyFluid - Nitin Sawhney Remixes 1999
BEP 14EPBeatlesBeatles E.P. Collection 7/12/81
CD BEP 14CDBeatlesPresentation Boxset of Complete EP Collection on CD.15/06/92
CDGEP 8880CDBeatlesThe Beatles Hits15/06/92
CDGEP 8882CDBeatlesTwist and Shout15/06/92
CDGEP 8883CDBeatlesThe Beatles No.115/06/92
CDGEP 8891CDBeatlesAll My Loving15/06/92
CDGEP 8913CDBeatlesLong Tall Sally15/06/92
CDGEP 8920CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film)15/06/92
CDGEP 8924CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the Album)15/06/92
CDGEP 8931CDBeatlesBeatles For Sale15/06/92
CDGEP 8938CDBeatlesBeatles For Sale No.215/06/92
CDGEP 8946CDBeatlesThe Beatles Million Sellers15/06/92
CDGEP 8948CDBeatlesYesterday15/06/92
CDGEP 8952CDBeatlesNowhere Man15/06/92
GEP 8880EPBeatlesThe Beatles Hits 6/09/63
GEP 8882EPBeatlesTwist and Shout12/07/63
GEP 8883EPBeatlesThe Beatles No.1 1/11/63
GEP 8891EPBeatlesAll My Loving 7/02/64
GEP 8899EPBeatlesGolden Discs 1964
GEP 8913EPBeatlesLong Tall Sally19/06/64
GEP 8920EPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Film) 4/11/64
GEP 8924EPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Album 6/11/64
GEP 8931EPBeatlesBeatles For Sale 6/04/65
GEP 8938EPBeatlesBeatles For Sale No.2 4/06/65
GEP 8946EPBeatlesThe Beatles Million Sellers 6/12/65
GEP 8948EPBeatlesYesterday 4/03/66
GEP 8952EPBeatlesNowhere Man 8/07/66
MMT 1EPBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour 8/12/67
R 6022EPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band30/09/78
SGE 1EPBeatlesRarities 7/12/81
SMMT 1EPBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour 8/12/67
12 R 494912"BeatlesLove Me Do 1/11/82
12 R 562012"BeatlesAll You Need Is Love 6/07/87
12 R 603912"Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary19/09/80
12 R 605412"Paul McCartneyEbony and Ivory29/03/82
12 R 605612"Paul McCartneyTake it away 5/07/82
12 R 606212"Paul McCartneySay Say Say 3/10/83
12 R 608012"Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights24/09/84
12 R 611712"John LennonJealous Guy18/11/85
12 R 611812"Paul McCartneySpies Like Us18/11/85
12 R 613312"Paul McCartneyPress14/07/86
12 R 614512"Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head27/10/86
12 R 614812"Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains 1/12/86
12 R 617012"Paul McCartneyOnce Upon a Long Ago16/11/87
12 R 619912"John LennonImagine28/11/88
12 R 621312"Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face 8/05/89
12 R 622312"Paul McCartneyThis One31/07/89
12 R 623512"Paul McCartneyFigure of Eight13/11/89
12 R 627112"Paul McCartneyBirthday 8/10/90
12 R 627812"Paul McCartneyAll My Trials26/11/90
12 R 633012"Paul McCartneyDeliverance 5/01/93
12 RS 624612"Paul McCartneyPut it there 5/02/90
12 YR 602312"Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight 3/04/79
EPH 21610EPBeatlesMy Bonnie12/07/63
POSPX 70112"John LennonBorrowed Time 9/03/84
POSPX 70212"John LennonI'm Stepping Out15/07/84
FAB 7-1EPBeatlesAdelaide Press Conference (1964) 5/03/90
FAB 7-2EPBeatlesVancouver Press Conference/Interviews 64 4/06/90
FAB 7-3EPBeatlesSeattle Press Conference 6/08/90
FAB 7-4EPBeatlesTokyo Interviews10/09/90
FAB 7-5EPBeatlesDallas Press Conference29/10/90
Wilbury Records
W 0018T12"George (+)Wilbury Twist25/03/91
W 7732T12"George (+)Handle With Care17/10/88
W 9523T12"George (+)She's My Baby 5/11/90
W 9773T12"George (+)Nobody's Child18/06/90

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