The Beatles AND Solo Discography
(in Label/Catalogue Number Order)

Standard re-issues are NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

Red underlined entries are "links" ... click on them for the detail !

FREE 217"Paul McCartneyLong Tall Sally24/04/87
ABCD 005CDBeatlesThe Conversation Disc Series (1963-1965)12/12/88
APPLE 137"John LennonGive Peace A Chance 4/07/69
APPLES 10017"John LennonCold Turkey24/10/69
APPLES 10027"BeatlesYou Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased ! 12/69
APPLES 10037"John LennonInstant Karma 6/02/70
CDP 7 46443 8CDBeatlesThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)24/08/87
CDP 7 46446 2CDBeatlesAbbey Road19/10/87
CDP 7 46447 2CDBeatlesLet It Be19/10/87
CDP 7 46641 2CDJohn LennonImagine26/05/87
CDP 7 48062 2CDBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour21/09/87
CDP 7 90428 2CDJohn LennonLive Peace in Toronto 1969 06/89
CDPAS 10002CDRingo StarrBeaucoup Of Blues 1/05/95
CDPAS 10006CDGeorge HarrisonLiving in the Material World27/01/92
CDPAS 10008CDGeorge HarrisonDark Horse27/01/92
CDPAS 10009CDGeorge HarrisonExtra Texture - Read All About It27/01/92
CDR 5722CDBeatlesHey Jude 2/11/92
CDR 5777CDBeatlesGet Back 2/11/92
CDR 5786CDBeatlesBallad Of John And Yoko 2/11/92
CDR 5814CDBeatlesSomething 2/11/92
CDR 5833CDBeatlesLet It Be 2/11/92
CDR 6627CDJohn LennonHappy Xmas (War Is Over) 8/12/03
CDS 7 46688 2CDGeorge HarrisonAll Things Must Pass18/05/87
CDSAPCOR 1CDGeorge HarrisonWonderwall Music29/06/92
CDZAPPLE 02CDGeorge HarrisonElectronic Sound 12/96
CORE 2001LPJohn LennonLive Peace in Toronto 196912/12/69
LYN 2154LPBeatlesFrom Then To You18/12/70
PAS 10002LPRingo StarrBeaucoup Of Blues25/09/70
PAS 10003LPPaul McCartneyRam28/05/71
PAS 10004LPJohn LennonImagine08/10/71
PAS 10006LPGeorge HarrisonLiving in the Material World22/06/73
PAS 10007LPPaul McCartneyBand On The Run07/12/73
PAS 10008LPGeorge HarrisonDark Horse20/12/74
PAS 10009LPGeorge HarrisonExtra Texture - Read All About It03/10/75
PCS 7067/8LPBeatlesThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)22/11/68
PCS 7088LPBeatlesAbbey Road26/09/69
PCS 7096LPBeatlesLet it Be 6/11/70
PCS 7101LPRingo StarrSentimental Journey27/03/70
PCS 7102LPPaul McCartneyMcCartney17/04/70
PCS 7124LPJohn LennonJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono Band11/12/70
PCS 7142LPPaul McCartneyWild Life07/12/71
PCS 7165LPJohn LennonMind Games16/11/73
PCS 7168LPRingo StarrGoodnight Vienna15/11/74
PCS 7169LPJohn LennonRock 'n' Roll21/02/75
PCS 7170LPRingo StarrBlast from your Past12/12/75
PCS 7173LPJohn LennonShaved Fish24/10/75
PCSP 716LPJohn LennonSome Time in New York City15/09/72
PCSP 726LPBeatlesLive at the BBC30/11/94
PCSP 727LPBeatlesAnthology 121/11/95
PCSP 728LPBeatlesAnthology 218/03/96
PCSP 729LPBeatlesAnthology 328/10/96
PCTC 251LPPaul McCartneyRed Rose Speedway04/05/73
PCTC 252LPRingo StarrRingo23/11/73
PCTC 253LPJohn LennonWalls and Bridges04/10/74
PMC 7067/8LPBeatlesThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)22/11/68
PXS 1LPBeatlesLet it Be (Box Set) 8/05/70
R 57227"BeatlesHey Jude30/08/68
R 57777"BeatlesGet Back11/04/69
R 57867"BeatlesBallad Of John And Yoko30/05/69
R 58147"BeatlesSomething31/10/69
R 58337"BeatlesLet It Be 6/03/70
R 58847"George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord15/01/71
R 58897"Paul McCartneyAnother Day19/02/71
R 58927"John LennonPower To The People12/03/71
R 58987"Ringo StarrIt Don't Come Easy 9/04/71
R 59127"George HarrisonBangla-desh30/07/71
R 59147"Paul McCartneyBack Seat Of My Car13/08/71
R 59327"Paul McCartneyLove Is Strange 1972
R 59367"Paul McCartneyGive Ireland Back To The Irish25/02/72
R 59447"Ringo StarrBack Off Boogaloo17/03/72
R 59497"Paul McCartneyMary Had A Little Lamb12/05/72
R 59537"John LennonWoman Is The Nigger Of The World ... Unreleased. 10/72
R 59707"John LennonHappy Xmas (War Is Over)24/11/72
R 59737"Paul McCartneyHi Hi Hi 1/12/72
R 59857"Paul McCartneyMy Love23/03/73
R 59877"Paul McCartneyLive And Let Die 1/06/73
R 59887"George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)25/05/73
R 59927"Ringo StarrPhotograph19/10/73
R 59937"Paul McCartneyHelen Wheels26/10/73
R 59947"John LennonMind Games16/11/73
R 59957"Ringo StarrYou're Sixteen 8/02/74
R 59967"Paul McCartneyJet15/02/74
R 59977"Paul McCartneyBand On The Run28/06/74
R 59987"John LennonWhatever Gets You Thru The Night 4/10/74
R 59997"Paul McCartneyJunior's Farm25/10/74
R 60007"Ringo StarrOnly You15/11/74
R 60017"George HarrisonDark Horse28/02/75
R 60027"George HarrisonDing Dong 6/12/74
R 60037"John LennonNo.9 Dream31/01/75
R 60047"Ringo StarrSnookeroo21/02/75
R 60057"John LennonStand By Me18/04/75
R 60077"George HarrisonYou12/09/75
R 60097"John LennonImagine24/10/75
R 60117"Ringo StarrOh My My 9/01/76
R 60127"George HarrisonThis Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) 6/02/76
R 64067"BeatlesBaby It's You (E.P. ?) 6/03/95
R 6406EPBeatlesBaby It's You20/03/95
R 64227"BeatlesFree As A Bird 4/12/95
R 64257"BeatlesReal Love 4/03/96
R 66277"John LennonHappy Xmas (War Is Over) 8/12/03
RP 57227"BeatlesHey Jude30/08/88
RP 57777"BeatlesGet Back10/04/89
RP 57867"BeatlesBallad Of John And Yoko30/05/89
RP 58147"BeatlesSomething30/10/89
RP 58337"BeatlesLet It Be 5/03/90
SAPCOR 1LPGeorge HarrisonWonderwall Music 1/11/68
SAPCOR 2LPJohn LennonUnfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins29/11/68
SAPCOR 11LPJohn LennonThe Wedding Album07/11/69
STCH 639LPGeorge HarrisonAll Things Must Pass30/11/70
STCX 3385LPGeorge HarrisonConcert For Bangla Desh10/01/72
ZAPPLE 01LPJohn LennonUnfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions 9/05/69
ZAPPLE 02LPGeorge HarrisonElectronic Sound 9/05/69
12 R 572212"BeatlesHey Jude30/08/88
374 9153CDx2BeatlesLive at the BBC (Remastered)11/11/13
374 9169CDx2BeatlesLive at the BBC Vol.2 - "On Air"11/11/13
375 8447CDx4BeatlesLive at the BBC - "The Collection"11/11/13
379 8082CDBeatlesLove20/11/06
475 6781BoxBeatles1+ 6/11/15
521 4811LPBeatlesYellow Submarine - Songtrack13/09/99
521 4812CDBeatlesYellow Submarine - Songtrack13/09/99
529 9702CDBeatles113/11/00
570 5497CDBeatlesLive At The Hollywood Bowl 9/09/16
574 5532BoxBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition26/05/17
595 4380LPBeatlesLet It Be... Naked17/11/03
675 7195BoxBeatlesThe Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition 9/11/18
699 4490BoxBeatlesThe Beatles In Stereo09/09/09
699 4512BoxBeatlesThe Beatles In Mono09/09/09
Audio Fidelity
AFS 17"BeatlesSearchin'29/10/82
AFELP 1047LPBeatlesSilver Beatles (The Complete)10/09/82
BAK 2003LPPaul McCartneyPaul McCartney Interview 01/87
BAK 2096LPJohn LennonThe Last Word11/07/88
BAK 2108LPBeatlesThe Gospel According to .... (1964-1966)31/10/88
BAK 2114LPBeatlesBeatles Conquer The U.S.A.13/11/88
BAKPAK 10047"BeatlesA Rare Interview With The beatles (four 7" picture discs)29/01/88
CBAK 4001CDBeatlesInterview Picture Disc 6/02/88
CBAK 4009CDBeatlesInterview Picture Disc Vol. 214/04/88
LINT 5004LPBeatlesIntrospective26/08/91
VBAK 3004LPBeatlesBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.1 7/10/89
VBAK 3006LPBeatlesBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.217/11/89
BBCCD 6002CDJohn LennonJohn and Yoko - The Interview12/11/90
BLS 5560LPBeatlesLive! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1/05/77
* NOT U.K. *LPRingo StarrOld Wave16/06/83
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo StarrRingo and His Third All-Starr Band - Volume 112/08/97
CR 5149LPBeatlesWords And Music17/05/85
CDLIV 8CD singleRingo StarrLiverpool 8 7/01/08
CDP 7 91425 2CDJohn LennonDouble Fantasy30/01/89
PCTC 254LPPaul McCartneyVenus and Mars30/05/75
R 60067"Paul McCartneyListen To What The Man Said16/05/75
R 60087"Paul McCartneyLetting Go 5/09/75
R 60107"Paul McCartneyVenus And Mars28/11/75
R 60187"Paul McCartneyMull Of Kintyre11/11/77
497 6392CDJohn LennonWonsaponatime 3/11/98
504 9332CD/DVDRingo StarrPhotograph: The Very Best Of Ringo27/08/07
517 3882CDRingo StarrLiverpool 814/01/08
528 7392CDJohn LennonDouble Fantasy 9/10/00
830 6142CDJohn LennonAnthology02/11/98
874 3292CDJohn LennonRock 'n' Roll27/09/04
874 4282CDJohn LennonAcoustic 1/11/04
905 9902CDJohn LennonDouble Fantasy / Stripped Down (2 cd) 4/10/10
CDCD 1185CDBeatlesHear The Beatles Tell All 4/09/94
CRV 202LPBeatlesHear The Beatles Tell All (1964)20/02/81
CNR Records
22 998798CDRingo StarrChoose Love25/07/05
Dark Horse
* none !7"George HarrisonAcetate of a Promotion Record for 33 1/3 10/76
K 168567"George HarrisonThis Song19/11/76
K 168967"George HarrisonTrue Love11/02/77
K 169677"George HarrisonIt's What You Value31/05/77
K 172847"George HarrisonLove Comes to Everyone20/04/79
K 173277"George HarrisonBlow Away16/02/79
K 17423 P7"George HarrisonFaster30/07/79
K 178077"George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago15/05/81
K 178377"George HarrisonTeardrops31/07/81
K 56319LPGeorge HarrisonThirty Three & 1/319/11/76
K 56562LPGeorge HarrisonGeorge Harrison16/02/79
K 56870LPGeorge HarrisonSomewhere In England 5/06/81
W 26967"George HarrisonCheer Down27/11/89
W 2696 T12"George HarrisonCheer Down27/11/89
W 79137"George HarrisonThis Is Love13/06/88
W 7913 T12"George HarrisonThis Is Love13/06/88
W 81317"George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab25/01/88
W 81317"George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab (Box Set Edition) 1/02/88
W 8131 T12"George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab25/01/88
W 81787"George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You12/10/87
W 8178 T12"George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You12/10/87
WX 123LPGeorge HarrisonCloud Nine02/11/87
WX 312LPGeorge HarrisonThe Best of Dark Horse: 1976-198923/10/89
9 23734-1LPGeorge HarrisonGone Troppo 8/11/82
9 25643-2CDGeorge HarrisonCloud Nine 2/11/87
9 25726-2CDGeorge HarrisonThe Best of Dark Horse: 1976-198923/10/89
9 26964-2CDGeorge HarrisonLive In Japan13/07/92
9 29864-77"George HarrisonWake Up My Love 8/11/82
Dark Horse/Parlophone
GHBOX 1BoxGeorge HarrisonThe Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 (Boxset) 1/03/04
543 2462CDGeorge HarrisonBrainwashed18/11/02
594 0862CDGeorge HarrisonThirty Three & 1/3 1/03/04
594 0872CDGeorge HarrisonGeorge Harrison 1/03/04
594 0882CDGeorge HarrisonSomewhere In England 1/03/04
594 0892CDGeorge HarrisonGone Troppo 1/03/04
594 0902CDGeorge HarrisonCloud Nine 1/03/04
594 6652CDGeorge HarrisonLive In Japan 1/03/04
965 0192CDGeorge HarrisonLet It Roll15/06/09
723 3250CDPaul McCartneyOcean's Kingdom 3/10/11
BROADS 003CDPaul McCartneyPress Conferences: London and New York 7/92
LMW 281CDPaul McCartneyPress Conferences: Tokyo/Chicago 1990 12/91
REVOL 4LPBeatlesPress Conferences (1964-1966)11/11/91
STUD 10LPBeatlesGeorge Martin Talks about The Beatles 1/08/90
YOURE 016CDGeorge/RingoGeorge and Ringo - 1980's Interviews11/03/91
Dressed To Kill
DRESS 155CDJohn LennonBedism ... (I now believe this is a bootleg)14/09/99
EMG 12003-2CDRingo StarrThe Anthology ... So Far 5/02/01
BBX 1LPBeatlesThe Beatles (Wooden Boxed Set)31/10/88
BC 13LPBeatlesThe Beatles Collection02/12/78
BLUE 6770CDBeatles1962-1966 (The "Blue" Album)18/10/10
BMC 13LPBeatlesThe Beatles Mono Collection 10/82
BS 247"BeatlesComplete Singles Collection reissued 6/03/76
CD BSC 1CDBeatlesPresentation Boxset of 3" CD singles 6/11/89
CDEMS 1386CDRingo StarrRingo 4/03/91
CDEMS 1467CDRingo StarrGoodnight Vienna 12/92
CZ 353CDRingo StarrRingo and His All-Starr Band 8/10/90
EBX 23CDJohn LennonDouble Fantasy/Milk and Honey13/09/04
EMI 22207"Paul McCartneyWalking In The Park With Eloise18/10/74
EMS 1375LPRingo StarrRingo and His All-Starr Band 8/10/90
RED 6266CDBeatles1962-1966 (The "Red" Album)18/10/10
528 7402CDJohn LennonJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 9/10/00
535 9592CDJohn LennonMilk and Honey27/09/01
542 4252CDJohn LennonMind Games21/10/02
595 0672CDJohn LennonLennon Legend27/10/03
875 3482CDBeatlesCapitol Albums Vol.1, The15/11/04
906 5092CDJohn LennonSignature Box (11 c.d. set) 4/10/10
906 6422CDJohn LennonGimme Some Truth (4 c.d. set) 4/10/10
909 5502CDJohn LennonPower To The People - The Hits (cd+dvd) 4/10/10
E.M.I. Classics
CDC 5 56484 2CDPaul McCartneyStanding Stone29/09/97
CDC 5 56897 2CDPaul McCartneyWorking Classical 2/11/99
CDC 5 56961 2CDPaul McCartneyA Garland For Linda14/02/00
CDC 7 54642 2CDPaul McCartneySelections from Liverpool Oratorio 10/92
PAUL 1LPPaul McCartneyLiverpool Oratorio 7/10/91
370 4242CDPaul McCartneyEcce Cor Meum [Behold My Heart]25/09/06
EPC A27297"Paul McCartneyThe Girl Is Mine29/10/82
468835-2CDGeorge HarrisonConcert For Bangla Desh19/08/91
468835-2CDGeorge HarrisonConcert For Bangla Desh (Remastered)28/01/02
CBR 1008LPBeatlesBeatles Interviews (1964/1966)25/06/82
CD-FA 3101CDPaul McCartneyWild Life 5/10/87
CD-FA 3191CDPaul McCartneyMcCartney II 5/10/87
CD-FA 3193CDPaul McCartneyRed Rose Speedway 5/10/87
CD-FA 3213CDPaul McCartneyVenus And Mars19/10/87
CD-FA 3223CDPaul McCartneyLondon Town29/08/89
CDFA 3310CDJohn LennonJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 11/94
41 3102 1LPJohn LennonJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 6/84
K 791867"John LennonStarting Over (Just Like)24/10/80
K 791957"John LennonWoman16/01/81
K 792077"John LennonWatching The Wheels27/03/81
K 99131LPJohn LennonDouble Fantasy17/11/80
299131CDJohn LennonDouble Fantasy10/10/86
GN Records
530 4742CDGeorge HarrisonAll Things Must Pass (Remastered)22/01/01
GP 5001LPBeatlesBeatles Talk Downunder (1964) 1/05/82
GRAZE 01212"Paul McCartneyReally Love You06/06/05
HMLP 3060712"Paul McCartneyAmoeba's Secret   (U.S. Import) 13/11/07
HRM 33596CDPaul McCartneyKisses On The Bottom06/02/12
HRM 34845CDPaul McCartneyNew14/10/12
HRM 36718-0112"Paul McCartneyHope For The Future12/01/15
723 0358CDPaul McCartneyMemory Almost Full 4/06/07
723 0384PDPaul McCartneyDance Tonight18/06/07
723 0620CDPaul McCartneyEver Present Past 5/11/07
723 2148CDPaul McCartneyBand On The Run 1/11/10
274 4209CDRingo StarrRingo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Live at the Greek Theatre 200827/07/10
279 1802CDRingo StarrRingo 201230/01/12
H.M.V. (Record Stores)
BEA CD25CDBeatles4 CD Box Set Comprising:
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Days Night
Beatles For Sale
+ Bill Harry - "Book Of Beatle Lists"
(Ltd.Edition to 2,500 copies)
BEA CD25/2CDBeatles3 CD Box Set Comprising:
Rubber Soul
+ "Beatles Monthly No.12" - July 1964
(Ltd.Edition to 2,500 copies)
BEA CD25/3CDBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Box Set
+ "It was 20 years ago today" badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/4CDBeatlesWhite Album Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ Extended notes about the L.P.
+ The usual colour Beatle shots
(Ltd.Edition to 7,000 copies)
BEA CD25/5CDBeatlesYellow Submarine Box Set
+ A badge
+ A cardboard cut-out Yellow Submarine
+ Informative notes
+ 2 b/w photos
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 3,000 copies)
BEA CD25/6CDBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour Box Set
+ "It was 20 years ago today" badge
+ A booklet
+ A colour poster
(Ltd.Edition to 8,000 copies)
BEA CD25/7CDBeatlesAbbey Road
+ A badge
+ A booklet of b/w photos
+ A poster of the Abbey Road sign
+ The usual cardboard cut-outs
(Ltd.Edition to 12,500 copies)
BEA CD25/8CDBeatlesLet It Be Box Set
+ A badge
+ Colour photos
+ A booklet
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/9CDBeatlesPast Masters Vol.1 Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet
+ Some b/w photos
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
BEA CD25/10CDBeatlesPast Masters Vol.2 Box Set
+ A badge
+ A booklet
+ Some b/w photos
(Ltd.Edition to 10,000 copies)
HYDRA 00712"Paul McCartneyFluid29/10/98
HYDRA 00812"Paul McCartneyFluid - Nitin Sawhney Remixes 1999
HYDRA 4 97055 1LPPaul McCartneyRushes21/09/98
HYDRA 5 28817 2CDPaul McCartneyLiverpool Sound Collage21/08/00
King Biscuit
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo StarrRingo and His New All-Starr Band 6/08/02
Koch Records
* NOT U.K. *CDRingo StarrRingo Rama25/03/03
* NOT U.K. *DVDRingo StarrRingo 5.1 (available here as Australian Import) 4/03/08
KOC CD 4542CDRingo StarrRingo & His All Starr Band Live 2006 4/08/08
KOC CD 9549CDRingo StarrRingo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Tour 200323/03/04
12591CDBeatlesRockumentary No.1 - The Lost Beatles Interviews 4/12/95
12592CDBeatlesRockumentary No.2 - Things We Said Today 4/12/95
12676CDBeatlesIn My Life 4/03/96
12677CDBeatlesAll Together Now 4/03/96
12678CDBeatlesBeatlemania 4/03/96
12679CDBeatlesBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.1 4/03/96
12680CDBeatlesBeatles Talk Downunder Vol.2 4/03/96
15968CDBeatlesRockumentary - In Their Own Words (5 CD Boxset) 4/12/95
15981CDBeatlesInside Interviews 4/03/96
LNL 1LPBeatlesLive! At the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1/05/77
NB 17"BeatlesTwist And Shout24/06/77
LYN 11457"BeatlesPantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas16/12/66
LYN 13607"BeatlesChristmas Time (Is Here Again)15/12/67
LYN 1743/47"BeatlesThe Beatles Sixth Christmas Record20/12/68
LYN 1970/17"BeatlesThe Beatles Seventh Christmas Record19/12/69
LYN 4927"BeatlesThe Beatles Christmas Record 6/12/63
LYN 7577"BeatlesAnother Beatles Christmas Record18/12/64
LYN 9487"BeatlesThe Beatles Third Christmas Record17/12/65
MA 141285LPBeatles1960-196216/07/88
538 118-2CDRingo StarrVH1 Storytellers19/10/98
546 668-2CDRingo StarrI Wanna Be Santa Claus19/10/99
558 598-2CDRingo StarrVertical Man 3/08/98
723 18844xCDPaul McCartneyGood Evening New York City14/12/09
OOBU #5CDPaul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Ecology01/01/97
Music For Pleasure
MFP 50506LPBeatlesRock 'n' Roll Music Vol.124/10/80
MFP 50507LPBeatlesRock 'n' Roll Music Vol.224/10/80
MFP 50508LPRingo StarrRingo27/11/80
MFP 50509LPJohn LennonMind Games27/11/80
MFP 50510LPGeorge HarrisonDark Horse27/11/80
MFP 50522LPJohn LennonRock 'n' Roll25/11/81
MFP 50523LPGeorge HarrisonBest of George Harrison25/11/81
MFP 50524LPRingo StarrBlast from your Past25/11/81
MFP 4156761LPBeatlesLive at the Hollywood Bowl 3/09/84
One Little Indian
TPLP1003CDCDPaul McCartneyElectric Arguments24/11/08
BEP 14EPBeatlesBeatles E.P. Collection 7/12/81
BPM 1LPBeatlesPast Masters Volumes One & Two24/10/88
CD BEP 14CDBeatlesPresentation Boxset of Complete EP Collection on CD.15/06/92
CD BSCP 1CDBeatlesPresentation Box set of 5" CD singles 2/11/92
CDBPM 1CDBeatlesPast Masters Vol. 108/03/88
CDBPM 2CDBeatlesPast Masters Vol. 208/03/88
CDGEP 8880CDBeatlesThe Beatles Hits15/06/92
CDGEP 8882CDBeatlesTwist and Shout15/06/92
CDGEP 8883CDBeatlesThe Beatles No.115/06/92
CDGEP 8891CDBeatlesAll My Loving15/06/92
CDGEP 8913CDBeatlesLong Tall Sally15/06/92
CDGEP 8920CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film)15/06/92
CDGEP 8924CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (extracts from the Album)15/06/92
CDGEP 8931CDBeatlesBeatles For Sale15/06/92
CDGEP 8938CDBeatlesBeatles For Sale No.215/06/92
CDGEP 8946CDBeatlesThe Beatles Million Sellers15/06/92
CDGEP 8948CDBeatlesYesterday15/06/92
CDGEP 8952CDBeatlesNowhere Man15/06/92
CDMAG 1CDBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour15/06/92
CDP 7 46018 2CDPaul McCartneyPipes of Peace29/02/84
CDP 7 46043 2CDPaul McCartneyGive my Regards to Broad Street22/10/84
CDP 7 46055 2CDPaul McCartneyBand On The Run 4/02/85
CDP 7 46056 2CDPaul McCartneyWings Greatest Hits 4/02/85
CDP 7 46057 2CDPaul McCartneyTug Of War 4/02/85
CDP 7 46196 2CDJohn LennonLive In New York City24/02/86
CDP 7 46435 2CDBeatlesPlease Please Me26/02/87
CDP 7 46436 2CDBeatlesWith the Beatles26/02/87
CDP 7 46437 2CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night26/02/87
CDP 7 46438 2CDBeatlesBeatles For Sale26/02/87
CDP 7 46439 2CDBeatlesHelp !30/04/87
CDP 7 46440 2CDBeatlesRubber Soul30/04/87
CDP 7 46441 2CDBeatlesRevolver30/04/87
CDP 7 46442 2CDBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1/06/87
CDP 7 46445 2CDBeatlesYellow Submarine24/08/87
CDP 7 46611 2CDPaul McCartneyMcCartney27/04/87
CDP 7 46641 2CDJohn LennonImagine26/05/87
CDP 7 46642 2CDJohn LennonShaved Fish26/05/87
CDP 7 46663 2CDRingo StarrBlast from your Past26/05/87
CDP 7 46707 2CDJohn LennonRock 'n' Roll26/05/87
CDP 7 46768 2CDJohn LennonWalls And Bridges20/07/87
CDP 7 46769 2CDJohn LennonMind Games 3/08/87
CDP 7 46770 2CDJohn LennonJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 5/04/88
CDP 7 46783 2CDJohn LennonLive Jam10/08/87
CDP 7 91516 2CDJohn LennonThe John Lennon Collection23/10/89
CDPAS 10010CDPaul McCartneyWings At The Speed Of Sound10/07/89
CDPAS 10011CDGeorge HarrisonBest of George Harrison18/05/87
CDPCS 7101CDRingo StarrSentimental Journey 1/05/95
CDPCS 7308CDJohn LennonMenlove Avenue13/04/87
CDPCSD 106CDPaul McCartneyFlowers in the Dirt 5/06/89
CDPCSDX 106CDPaul McCartneyFlowers in the Dirt (World Tour Pack)23/11/89
CDPCSD 114CDPaul McCartneyTripping the Live Fantastic (Highlights)19/11/90
CDPCSD 116CDPaul McCartneyUnplugged - The Official Bootleg20/05/91
CDPCSD 117CDPaul McCartneyChoba B CCCP30/09/91
CDPCSD 125CDPaul McCartneyOff the Ground 2/02/93
CDPCSD 145CDPaul McCartneyStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest15/11/93
CDPCSD 147CDPaul McCartneyPaul Is Live16/11/93
CDPCSD 171CDPaul McCartneyFlaming Pie 5/05/97
CDPCSP 716CDJohn LennonSome Time in New York City10/08/87
CDPCSP 720CDPaul McCartneyWings Over America26/05/87
CDPCSP 722CDJohn LennonImagine : John Lennon (Music from the Film)10/10/88
CDPCST 73461CDPaul McCartneyTripping the Live Fantastic 5/11/90
CDPCTC 257CDPaul McCartneyBack To The Egg24/07/89
CDPMCOL 1CDPaul McCartneyMcCartney 4/93
CDPMCOL 2CDPaul McCartneyRam 4/93
CDPMCOL 3CDPaul McCartneyWild Life 4/93
CDPMCOL 4CDPaul McCartneyRed Rose Speedway 4/93
CDPMCOL 5CDPaul McCartneyBand On The Run 4/93
CDPMCOL 6CDPaul McCartneyVenus And Mars 4/93
CDPMCOL 7CDPaul McCartneyWings At The Speed Of Sound 4/93
CDPMCOL 8CDPaul McCartneyLondon Town 4/93
CDPMCOL 9CDPaul McCartneyWings Greatest 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 10CDPaul McCartneyBack To The Egg 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 11CDPaul McCartneyMcCartney II 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 12CDPaul McCartneyTug Of War 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 13CDPaul McCartneyPipes Of Peace 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 14CDPaul McCartneyGive My Regards To Broad Street 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 15CDPaul McCartneyPress To Play 7/06/93
CDPMCOL 16CDPaul McCartneyFlowers In The Dirt 7/06/93
CDPMTV 1CDPaul McCartneyAll The Best 2/11/87
CDR 4949CDBeatlesLove Me Do 2/11/92
CDR 4983CDBeatlesPlease Please Me 2/11/92
CDR 5015CDBeatlesFrom Me To You 2/11/92
CDR 5055CDBeatlesShe Loves You 2/11/92
CDR 5084CDBeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand 2/11/92
CDR 5114CDBeatlesCan't Buy Me Love 2/11/92
CDR 5160CDBeatlesA Hard Day's Night 2/11/92
CDR 5200CDBeatlesI Feel Fine 2/11/92
CDR 5265CDBeatlesTicket To Ride 2/11/92
CDR 5305CDBeatlesHelp ! 2/11/92
CDR 5389CDBeatlesDay Tripper 2/11/92
CDR 5452CDBeatlesPaperback Writer 2/11/92
CDR 5493CDBeatlesEleanor Rigby 2/11/92
CDR 5570CDBeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever 2/11/92
CDR 5620CDBeatlesAll You Need Is Love 2/11/92
CDR 5655CDBeatlesHello, Goodbye 2/11/92
CDR 5675CDBeatlesLady Madonna 2/11/92
CDR 6534CDJohn LennonImagine23/12/99
CDR 6571CDGeorge HarrisonMy Sweet Lord14/01/02
CDS 7 95220 2CDJohn LennonLennon (4CD Box Set)30/10/90
CDSGE 1CDBeatlesRarities15/06/92
CHAT 1LPPaul McCartneyThe McCartney Interview23/02/81
CZ 28CDPaul McCartneyPress to Play 1/09/86
CZ 29CDPaul McCartneyRam27/04/87
DP 5627"BeatlesIf I Fell 4/12/64
EMTV 4LPBeatlesLive at the Hollywood Bowl06/05/77
EMTV 37LPJohn LennonThe John Lennon Collection01/11/82
GEP 8880EPBeatlesThe Beatles Hits06/09/63
GEP 8882EPBeatlesTwist and Shout12/07/63
GEP 8883EPBeatlesThe Beatles No.101/11/63
GEP 8891EPBeatlesAll My Loving07/02/64
GEP 8899EPBeatlesGolden Discs 1964
GEP 8913EPBeatlesLong Tall Sally19/06/64
GEP 8920EPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Film)04/11/64
GEP 8924EPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night (Extracts from the Album)06/11/64
GEP 8931EPBeatlesBeatles For Sale06/04/65
GEP 8938EPBeatlesBeatles For Sale No.204/06/65
GEP 8946EPBeatlesThe Beatles Million Sellers06/12/65
GEP 8948EPBeatlesYesterday04/03/66
GEP 8952EPBeatlesNowhere Man08/07/66
JLB 8LPJohn LennonJohn Lennon (Boxed Set)15/06/81
MMT 1EPBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour08/12/67
PAS 10010LPPaul McCartneyWings At The Speed of Sound 9/04/76
PAS 10011LPGeorge HarrisonBest of George Harrison20/11/76
PAS 10012LPPaul McCartneyLondon Town31/03/78
PCS 3042LPBeatlesPlease Please Me22/03/63
PCS 3045LPBeatlesWith the Beatles22/11/63
PCS 3058LPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night10/07/64
PCS 3062LPBeatlesBeatles For Sale04/12/64
PCS 3071LPBeatlesHelp !06/08/65
PCS 3075LPBeatlesRubber Soul03/12/65
PCS 7009LPBeatlesRevolver05/08/66
PCS 7016LPBeatlesA Collection of Beatles Oldies10/12/66
PCS 7027LPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band01/06/67
PCS 7070LPBeatlesYellow Submarine17/01/69
PCS 7184LPBeatlesHey Jude11/05/79
PCS 7214LPBeatlesBeatles Ballads, The13/10/80
PCS 7218LPBeatlesReel Music29/03/82
PCS 7301LPJohn LennonLive In New York City24/02/86
PCS 7308LPJohn LennonMenlove Avenue03/11/86
PCSD 103LPPaul McCartneyPress to Play01/09/86
PCSD 106LPPaul McCartneyFlowers in the Dirt05/06/89
PCSD 125LPPaul McCartneyOff the Ground02/02/93
PCSD 145CDPaul McCartneyStrawberries Oceans Ships Forest15/11/93
PCSD 147LPPaul McCartneyPaul Is Live15/11/93
PCSD 171LPPaul McCartneyFlaming Pie05/05/97
PCSJ 149LPBeatlesHey Jude (S.A. Issue) ? /78
PCSP 717LPBeatles1962-1966 (The "Red" Album)19/04/73
PCSP 718LPBeatles1967-1970 (The "Blue" Album)19/04/73
PCSP 719LPBeatlesRock 'n' Roll Music10/06/76
PCSP 720LPPaul McCartneyWings Over America10/12/76
PCSP 721LPBeatlesLove Songs19/11/77
PCSP 722LPJohn LennonImagine : John Lennon (Music from the Film)10/10/88
PCSPR 717LPBeatles1962-1966 ("Red" Vinyl)30/09/78
PCSPR 718LPBeatles1967-1970 ("Blue" Vinyl)30/09/78
PCST 7346LPPaul McCartneyTripping the Live Fantastic05/11/90
PCTC 1652301LPPaul McCartneyPipes of Peace17/10/83
PCTC 2LPPaul McCartneyGive my Regards to Broad Street22/10/84
PCTC 255LPBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour19/11/76
PCTC 256LPPaul McCartneyWings Greatest 1/12/78
PCTC 257LPPaul McCartneyBack to the Egg 8/06/79
PCTC 258LPPaul McCartneyMcCartney II16/05/80
PCTC 259LPPaul McCartneyTug of War26/04/82
PCTC 260LPBeatles20 Greatest Hits18/10/82
PHO 7027LPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (PD)16/01/79
PHO 7088LPBeatlesAbbey Road (Picture Disc)16/01/79
PMC 1202LPBeatlesPlease Please Me22/03/63
PMC 1206LPBeatlesWith the Beatles22/11/63
PMC 1230LPBeatlesA Hard Day's Night10/07/64
PMC 1240LPBeatlesBeatles For Sale 4/12/64
PMC 1255LPBeatlesHelp ! 6/08/65
PMC 1267LPBeatlesRubber Soul 3/12/65
PMC 7009LPBeatlesRevolver 5/08/66
PMC 7016LPBeatlesA Collection of Beatles Oldies10/12/66
PMC 7027LPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1/06/67
PMC 7070LPBeatlesYellow Submarine17/01/69
PMTV 1LPPaul McCartneyAll The Best 2/11/87
PSLP 261LPBeatlesRarities02/12/78
R 49497"BeatlesLove Me Do 5/10/62
R 49837"BeatlesPlease Please Me11/01/63
R 50157"BeatlesFrom Me To You12/04/63
R 50557"BeatlesShe Loves You23/08/63
R 50847"BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand29/11/63
R 51147"BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love20/03/64
R 51607"BeatlesHard Day's Night10/07/64
R 52007"BeatlesI Feel Fine27/11/64
R 52657"BeatlesTicket To Ride09/04/65
R 53057"BeatlesHelp !23/07/65
R 53897"BeatlesDay Tripper 3/12/65
R 54527"BeatlesPaperback Writer10/06/66
R 54937"BeatlesEleanor Rigby05/08/66
R 55707"BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever17/02/67
R 56207"BeatlesAll You Need Is Love 7/07/67
R 56557"BeatlesHello, Goodbye24/11/67
R 56757"BeatlesLady Madonna15/03/68
R 60137"BeatlesYesterday 8/03/76
R 60147"Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs30/04/76
R 60157"Paul McCartneyLet 'em In23/07/76
R 60167"BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.25/06/76
R 60177"Paul McCartneyMaybe I'm Amazed 4/02/77
R 60197"Paul McCartneyWith A Little Luck23/03/78
R 60207"Paul McCartneyI've Had Enough16/06/78
R 60217"Paul McCartneyLondon Town26/08/78
R 60227"BeatlesSgt.Pepper's/With A Little Help30/09/78
R 60237"Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight 23/03/79
R 60267"Paul McCartneyOld Siam Sir 1/06/79
R 60277"Paul McCartneyGetting Closer16/08/79
R 60297"Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime16/11/79
R 60357"Paul McCartneyComing Up11/04/80
R 60377"Paul McCartneyWaterfalls 13/06/80
R 60547"Paul McCartneyEbony And Ivory29/03/82
R 60557"BeatlesMovie Medley (7 Segue'd Excerpts)24/05/82
R 60567"Paul McCartneyTake It Away21/06/82
R 60577"Paul McCartneyTug Of War20/09/82
R 60597"John LennonLove15/11/82
R 60627"Paul McCartneySay Say Say 3/10/83
R 60647"Paul McCartneyPipes Of Peace 5/12/83
R 60667"Paul McCartneyThe Man1984
R 60807"Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (Ballad)24/09/84
R 60867"Paul McCartneyWe All Stand Together12/11/84
R 60897"Paul McCartneyBallroom Dancing1985
R 61177"John LennonJealous Guy18/11/85
R 61187"Paul McCartneySpies Like Us18/11/85
R 61337"Paul McCartneyPress14/07/86
R 61457"Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head27/10/86
R 61487"Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains 1/12/86
R 61707"Paul McCartneyOnce Upon A Long Ago16/11/87
R 61997"John LennonImagine28/11/88
R 62137"Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face 8/05/89
R 62237"Paul McCartneyThis One17/07/89
R 62357"Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight13/11/89
R 62467"Paul McCartneyPut It There 5/02/90
R 62717"Paul McCartneyBirthday 8/10/90
R 62787"Paul McCartneyAll My Trials26/11/90
R 63307"Paul McCartneyHope Of Deliverance28/12/92
R 63387"Paul McCartneyC'mon People28/02/93
R 65277"Paul McCartneyNo Other Baby24/10/99
R 65717"George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord14/01/02
R 66017"George HarrisonAny Road12/05/03
R 66737"Paul McCartneyFine Line29/08/05
R 66787"Paul McCartneyJenny Wren21/11/05
RP 49497"BeatlesLove Me Do 4/10/82
RP 49837"BeatlesPlease Please Me10/01/83
RP 50157"BeatlesFrom Me To You11/04/83
RP 50557"BeatlesShe Loves You22/08/83
RP 50847"BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand28/11/83
RP 51147"BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love19/03/84
RP 51607"BeatlesHard Day's Night 9/07/84
RP 52007"BeatlesI Feel Fine26/11/84
RP 52657"BeatlesTicket To Ride 9/04/85
RP 53057"BeatlesHelp !23/07/85
RP 53897"BeatlesDay Tripper 2/12/85
RP 54527"BeatlesPaperback Writer 9/06/86
RP 54937"BeatlesEleanor Rigby 5/08/86
RP 55707"BeatlesStrawberry Fields Forever16/02/87
RP 56207"BeatlesAll You Need Is Love 6/07/87
RP 56557"BeatlesHello, Goodbye23/11/87
RP 56757"BeatlesLady Madonna14/03/88
RP 64627"Paul McCartneyYoung Boy28/04/97
RP 64727"Paul McCartneyThe World Tonight 7/07/97
RP 64897"Paul McCartneyBeautiful Night15/12/97
SGE 1EPBeatlesRarities07/12/81
SMMT 1EPBeatlesMagical Mystery Tour08/12/67
SPSR 4017"BeatlesMedley : "Rock'n'Roll Music"17/05/76
12 R 494912"BeatlesLove Me Do01/11/82
12 R 562012"BeatlesAll You Need Is Love06/07/87
12 R 603912"Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary19/09/80
12 R 605412"Paul McCartneyEbony and Ivory29/03/82
12 R 605612"Paul McCartneyTake it away05/07/82
12 R 606212"Paul McCartneySay Say Say03/10/83
12 R 608012"Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights24/09/84
12 R 611712"John LennonJealous Guy18/11/85
12 R 611812"Paul McCartneySpies Like Us18/11/85
12 R 613312"Paul McCartneyPress14/07/86
12 R 614512"Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head27/10/86
12 R 614812"Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains01/12/86
12 R 617012"Paul McCartneyOnce Upon A Long Ago16/11/87
12 R 619912"John LennonImagine28/11/88
12 R 621312"Paul McCartneyMy Brave Face08/05/89
12 R 622312"Paul McCartneyThis One31/07/89
12 R 623512"Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight13/11/89
12 R 627112"Paul McCartneyBirthday08/10/90
12 R 627812"Paul McCartneyAll My Trials26/11/90
12 R 633012"Paul McCartneyDeliverance05/01/93
12 RS 624612"Paul McCartneyPut it there05/02/90
12 YR 602312"Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight03/04/79
311 3001LPPaul McCartneyTwin Freaks14/06/05
337 9612CDPaul McCartneyChaos And Creation In The Backyard12/09/05
340 0802CDJohn LennonWorking Class Hero - The Definitive Collection 3/10/05
366 9002SETGeorge HarrisonLiving in the Material World25/09/06
379 8082CDBeatlesLove20/11/06
499 1762CDPaul McCartneyBand On The Run (25th Anniversary)22/03/99
523 2291BoxPaul McCartneyRun Devil Run (7" Boxset)25/12/99
523 3042CDPaul McCartneyRun Devil Run 4/10/99
532 8762CDPaul McCartneyWingspan 7/05/01
535 5102CDPaul McCartneyDriving Rain12/11/01
583 0052CDPaul McCartneyBack In The World17/03/03
821 9542CDJohn LennonLennon Legend27/10/97
EPH 21610EPBeatlesMy Bonnie12/07/63
NH 522757"BeatlesCry For A Shadow28/02/64
NH 523177"BeatlesAin't She Sweet29/05/64
NH 529067"BeatlesSweet Georgia Brown31/01/64
NH 668337"BeatlesMy Bonnie 5/01/62
POLH 5LPJohn LennonMilk and Honey23/01/84
POLH 13LPJohn LennonEveryman Has A Woman21/09/84
POSP 7007"John LennonNobody Told Me 9/01/84
POSP 7017"John LennonBorrowed Time 9/03/84
POSP 7027"John LennonI'm Stepping Out15/07/84
POSP 7127"John LennonEvery Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him16/11/84
POSPX 70112"John LennonBorrowed Time09/03/84
POSPX 70212"John LennonI'm Stepping Out15/07/84
236 201LPBeatlesThe Beatles First19/06/64
2001 6947"Ringo StarrA Dose Of Rock'n'Roll15/10/76
2001 6997"Ringo StarrHey Baby29/11/76
2001 7347"Ringo StarrDrowning In The Sea Of Love16/09/77
2001 7827"Ringo StarrLipstick Traces01/06/78
2001 7957"Ringo StarrTonight21/07/78
2302 040LPRingo StarrRotogravure17/09/76
2310 556LPRingo StarrRingo The 4th20/09/77
2310 599LPRingo StarrBad Boy21/04/78
2683 068LPBeatlesThe Beatle Tapes (David Wigg Interviews)30/07/76
8171 602CDJohn LennonMilk and Honey27/01/84
8172 381LPJohn LennonHeart Play - Unfinished Dialogue16/12/83
8234 902CDJohn LennonEveryman Has A Woman16/11/84
CBR 1047LPBeatlesBeatles Interviews Vol.225/02/87
Private Music
115 3927"Ringo StarrWeight Of The World 4/05/92
262 902CDRingo StarrTime Takes Time22/05/92
RVLP 1012LPBeatlesDownunder Vol.112/10/87
RVLP 1013LPBeatlesDownunder Vol.212/10/87
RCA 1667"Ringo StarrWrack My Brain13/11/81
RCALP 6022LPRingo StarrStop And Smell The Roses20/11/81
Regal Zonophone
EMI 25947"Paul McCartneyUncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 4/77
8122799179CDGeorge (+)Travelling Wilburys Volume 3 2/06/08
8122799180CDGeorge (+)Travelling Wilburys 2/06/08
* NOT U.K. *LPRingo StarrStarr Struck14/02/89
Rock Classics
SSI 9999CDJohn LennonUnfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins 1/93
RCD 10411CDJohn LennonUnfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins 9/06/97
RCD 10412CDJohn LennonUnfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions 9/06/97
RCD 10413CDJohn LennonThe Wedding Album 9/06/97
RCD 20264CDRingo StarrRingo and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 - Live From Montreux14/09/93
SM 10014LPJohn LennonReflections And Poetry 6/84
CDTB 095CDJohn LennonTestimony14/12/90
GEORGE 1LPGeorge HarrisonGeorge Harrison Interview 1/06/96
JOHN 1LPJohn LennonJohn Lennon Interview 1/06/96
PAUL 1LPPaul McCartneyPaul McCartney Interview 1/06/96
RINGO 1LPRingo StarrRingo Starr Interview 1/06/96
UNCUT 2004 07CDPaul McCartneySomething For The Weekend14/06/04
272 7390CDRingo StarrY Not12/01/10
472 3644CDRingo StarrPostcards From Paradise30/03/15
UPJLENNO01CDJohn LennonJohn Lennon18/01/09
UPPMCMOS01CDPaul McCartneyLive In Los Angeles24/01/10
VTDCD 698CDJohn LennonJohn Lennon's Jukebox 8/03/04
FAB 7-1EPBeatlesAdelaide Press Conference (1964) 5/03/90
FAB 7-2EPBeatlesVancouver Press Conference/Interviews 64 4/06/90
FAB 7-3EPBeatlesSeattle Press Conference 6/08/90
FAB 7-4EPBeatlesTokyo Interviews10/09/90
FAB 7-5EPBeatlesDallas Press Conference29/10/90
BANDONTHE 1LPPaul McCartneyLondon and Rome Press Conferences22/01/90
BEAT 1CDBeatlesInterview Disc 120/05/96
BEAT 2CDBeatlesInterview Disc 220/05/96
BEAT 3CDBeatlesInterview Disc 320/05/96
BEAT 4CDBeatlesInterview Disc 420/05/96
FAB FOUR 8CDRingo StarrPress Conference London 1992 1997
FORNO 1LPPaul McCartneyLiverpool Press Conference14/12/90
PM 10LPPaul McCartneyRotterdam Press Conference 08/90
TUGA 4LPPaul McCartneyPress Conferences: Los Angeles and Madrid (and Detroit) 07/90
Wilbury Records
W 0018W7"George (+)Wilbury Twist25/03/91
W 7732W7"George (+)Handle With Care17/10/88
W 95237"George (+)She's My Baby 5/11/90
W 97737"George (+)Nobody's Child18/06/90
WX 224LPGeorge (+)Traveling Wilburys24/10/88
WX 384LPGeorge (+)Traveling Wilburys Volume 329/10/90
9 25796-2CDGeorge (+)Traveling Wilburys24/10/88
7599 26324-2CDGeorge (+)Traveling Wilburys Volume 329/10/90
8122 79982-4SETGeorge (+)Traveling Wilburys Collection11/06/07
World Records
BSC 17"BeatlesThe Beatles Singles Collection (26 Singles) 6/12/82
SM 701/8LPBeatlesBeatles Box, The03/11/80
8122 74546 2CDGeorge HarrisonConcert For George17/11/03

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