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ISBN Number 0-907-08046-4
Printing Year 1982 - First Edition
U.K. Cost 4:95

The Long and Winding Road
     by Neville Stannard

There have been many discographies published dealing with the beatles records, but at last for the first time, this book will tell you everything you could want to know about each Beatles record and song. Who wrote each song, why, how and when each song was written; how, when and where each song was recorded; how many copies had each record sold, and how well each did in the charts.
A history of the Beatles on record.

Review :

The predecessor to "Working Class Heroes" (see it's own entry), in which every Beatle recording is listed, for both England and the U.S.A. An extraordinary compilation (at the time in 1982), of facts, figures and anecdotes that covered every record, official and unofficial, ever made by The Beatles. who wrote the songs, who played on them, where, when, and why.
There was NOTHING like it on it's release in 1983 ... superb.

Sadly, Out of Print