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ISBN Number 0-333-62824-1
Printing Year 1995 First Edition
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A Day In The Life
     by Mark Hertsgaard

The most popular band ever, The Beatles are still loved by millions and their music is as fresh today as when it was first recorded. A Day In The Life is the first serious biography of that music: a hip, intelligent inside account of how it was created, how it evolved over time, what The Beatles said and did in the studio while recording it, and what The Beatles themselves thought about the songs they created.

Remarkably, The Beatles released only ten and a half hours of music in their eight-year studio career. Yet, in The Beatles archives at Abbey Road studios, there are more than four hundred hours of recordings - rough drafts of the songs we all know and love, studio backchat and previously unreleased material. In 1993, Mark Hertsgaard became the first outside journalist to gain access to these archives, enabling him to take readers inside the Beatles creative process like no author before.

Part grand survey, part listener's guide, A Day In The Life is the most illuminating and factually reliable account of the people, events and artistic influences that shaped the music that changed the world.

Review :

WOW, some extravagant claims above ! ... not quite matched by the contents of the book.

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