Handle With Care   b/w   Margarita

Traveling Wilburys

Handle With Care - Front Cover Handle With Care - Rear Cover
Handle With Care - Front Cover Handle With Care - Rear Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  George is member of the band.
Label Warner Brothers
Catalogue No. W 7732
Release Date 17th October 1988
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :29th October 1988
Highest Position :21
Weeks in Chart :13
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(Traveling Wilburys)
(Traveling Wilburys)

Single issued before the release of Travelling Wilburys Volume 1
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With the lead vocal on the A-side by George, this was the first track recorded for the album in April 1988 in California. The 10" (pictured above), 12" and C.D. version have an extended version of "Handle With Care". The L.P. version was 3:20, whereas this extended version is almost two minutes longer at 5:16.

In October the band shot a video for "Handle With Care" in Los Angeles which is directed by David Leland and Produced by Limelight films.

The B-side has a lead vocal by Bob Dylan.

The single was released in five formats, being also released as :
W 7732W - Special edition 7" with picture sleeve and peel-off sticker
W 7732TE - 10" single, with extended version of A-side
W 7732T - 12" single, with extended version of A-side
W 7732CD - 3" C.D. single, with extended version of A-side.

The sleeve of the 10" is in thick brown paper of the style of old 78's.

The run-out grooves of the 10" single have "ADRENALIN", "THE EXCHANGE" and "PAG" etched on the A-side, and "ADRENALIN", "MIKE'S" and "PAG" on the B-side.

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