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Printing Year 1992 First Edition
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The Beatles Complete Chronicle
     by Mark Lewisohn

Appearing 30 years after the release of the Beatles first single, "Love Me Do", The Complete Beatles Chronicle is easily the single greatest and most authoritative document about the world-famous group ever published. The fruit of many years painstaking research in film, TV, radio, newspaper, record company and recording studio archives, and the product of hundreds of interviews with those who knew and worked with the Beatles, this book reconstructs each day of their career, encompassing every stage appearance, all of their film, video, TV, and radio work, and, of course, every recording session.

The content is arranged on a chronological basis with an introduction to each year providing an overview to the twelve months developments. Then a diary section describes every working days events in the sort of fascinating detail the made the author's previous book EMI's The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions such a runaway international best-seller. With over 500 photographs (many previously unpublished), posters, handbills, tickets, letters, and rare documentation, there is also a tremendous array of illustrations to paint an absorbing picture of the group.

Other books have dealt with aspects of the Beatles working lives but The Complete Beatles Chronicle is the first to tell the whole story, from their very first tentative performances in 1950's Liverpool church halls and social clubs through the beat boom and psychedelia to their irrevocable split in 1970. In between they had, in the words of John Lennon, "Given everything on God's earth" - as this book so clearly demonstrates - and created a body of work which will never be rivalled.

For every Beatles fan, past, present of future, this is the one and only indispensable guide to those remarkable Beatles years.

Review :

Successor to "The COMPLETE Beatles Recording Sessions", and in this volume Lewisohn leaves no stone unturned. EVERY working day of the four moptops is covered from 1957 - 1970.
Essential !

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