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ISBN Number 0-906-05374-9
Printing Year 1984 - First Edition
U.K. Cost 5:95

The Book of Lennon
     by Bill Harry

John Lennon was assassinated twice - the first time by his murderer, the second by a series of books, ghost-written by friends and acquaintances, which have attempted to tear his reputation to shreds.

It comes as no surprise to most people that John was at times hot-headed, abrasive, trusting, naive, ungrateful, aggressive, loving, absent-minded, grumpy, appreciative, randy, depressed, ecstatic, kind and cruel. It is no surprise because he was a human being, subject to the same strains and pressures as all of us.

If he had lived, the "kiss-and-tell" books might never have been written. In death he became vulnerable, unable to protect himself from the writers who sought the more sensational, salacious incidents in his life, composing works from a mixture of facts, speculation, half-truths, imagination, rumour and bias.

In this book you will not find details of John's assassin. He sought a form of immortality by his act, but why should such a worthless person find a place in here ? Friends, relatives, rivals ... yes, these you will find. You'll also find details of John's songs, books, films - the legacy he left us. When you consider it, only part of him is gone. The songs remain and they contain some essence of a unique person during his brief sojourn on this earth.

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Review :

The complete John Lennon sourcebook. Records, Films, Publications, Performances, People, Places, Personal facts.
I liked this book a lot, my only criticism ... a detailed index would have been nice.

Sadly, Out of Print